Ten Lucky Steps (For Achieving Financial Independence)


Here’s your ten steps to prosperous thinking and financial independence:

 1. Get quiet, meditate, and ask your God if there is any reason why you should not become financially independent (this act will remove all uncertainty from your mind since it is uncertainty that delays your success).

 2. Having decided to achieve financial independence and having gotten a sense of peace about the rightness of of it for you, make a mental picture of the highest degree of it that you wish to experience. Mentally image the amount of income you wish and how you will live when you are independent. Build as detailed a mental picture of financial independence as possible. The more you think about it, the more detailed your mental picture will become. Think of the kind of home you want, the type of clothes you want to wear, the activities you want to experience and the places you want to visit.

 3. Build the mental picture of what you REALLY want, not what someone else wants you to have, or what you think it is your duty to have- it’s what you REALLY want. Many people lead miserable lives of failure because they try to please others. Your life is a divine gift for you to live, not for someone else to live for you. Only what you sincerely want can make you happy. Build mental pictures upon that and nothing else.

 4. Say little to anyone about your inner plans, because others can always tell you how they think  you should live your life, but they can’t live it for you successfully. Keep your success plans to yourself. do not dissipate them, or subject them to cross-current, by giving others a chance to tear them apart.

 5. Proceed to take the first steps toward your mental pictures of financial independence. Do whatever little or big things you can to gain the feeling that you are already on the way toward it. Set a time limit and plan to achieve certain things within six months, others within a year, and others within two years. Set a date when you plan to achieve complete financial independence.

Stay tuned for the other five steps……


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