Ten Ways to Go the Extra Mile!

Ten Ways to Go the Extra Mile
Napoleon Hill

10 Ways to Go the Extra Mile and to Make the World a Better Place in Which to Live (Remember to Start With Yourself First!)      

1. Think thoughts of peace. Turn these thoughts into actions toward others that become the peace you want  to see in the world now.      

2. Help where you see the need. Carry a package. Hold open a door. Read a book to a child. Compliment someone sincerely. Encourage someone verbally who is having a difficult time completing a project or task. Assume someone’s chores of duties for an hour or even a day.      

3. Create a “to-do” list and prioritize the list. Most important items go on top. Actually do the first two    
items first, and then revel in the sense of accomplishment. Your positive attitude will be contagious and “caught” by someone in need.      

4. Thank someone today for the goodness they have contributed to your life. Do this in person, in writing, by phone, or by email, but do it!      

5. Decide not to be rushed no matter how late you are running. Put yourself under grace and expect all things to work toward the good of all concerned.      

6. Stash the stress. Stress is an abstract concept. It  cannot be seen – only felt – and we create it with our mind. Tell yourself you are in a stress-free zone and will have none of it.      

7. Smile even if you don’t feel like smiling. Smiling tells the endorphins in your body to elevate your mood. When you smile it is not a placebo effect that occurs, but the real thing. Smiling signals the brain to be happy and to show it.      

8. Contribute to a good cause. You decide which one. Donate money, items, or your time, but take action. The Universe hates inactivity, and by taking action you are telling the Universe that you are alive and well and a participant in life.      

9. Pray for yourself, another, or someone you do not even know. Bless all and pray for the highest good of everyone concerned – yourself included.      

10. Notice a sunset, a flower, a bird, a creation of the Universe and remind yourself that all is good.      


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4 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Go the Extra Mile!

  1. Hi Terrie,

    This is a lovely post. Thanks for the reminder to go the extra mile for ourselves and others. It seems of late I've been reminded of Napoleon Hill often. Perhaps it's time to re-read his work!

    By the way, I've missed you! Hope all is wonderful and you are well.

    Best Wishes.

  2. Hi Deb,
    thank you. I've been posting alot of Napoleon Hill's stuff lately because it seems so timely! I'm glad you like this one. I think we all need to remember to go the extra mile and to realize that it's not that hard to do some of these things….

    I miss you too. Much is happening in my life and it's all good stuff. You take care of yourself. And, thanks for commenting (and letting me know you're alive and I hope well)


  3. Terrie,

    What a great list – thank you for the great reminders.

    It's easy to get busy in our lives and forget about the things on that list. It only takes a few seconds to smile or say "thank you", but it can have a tremendous impact on another person's life.

    Thank you for all your great posts!


  4. Hi Steve,
    thanks for posting. I love this article of Napoleon HIll's and it helps me remember that I have to just do one thing to go the extra mile…
    I'm glad you stopped by. I miss you.