Tennis Anyone?

I’ve been watching the Australian Open in the last few days and have been amzed by the difference in the character of the players. some of them have seemed to give up when the odds appeared stacked against them (down a few games or even a set) and others have continued to plug along no matter what the score.

How do you act when the odds are not going your way?

Take a few minutes to evaluate that.  Write down your reactions and your actions. When things aren’t perfect for you, what goes on inside your mind? You know it’s all about what is really in your mind.

Some of these tennis games have turned around so quickly. Just a few points against them and some crack. Others take it as a learning point and “up their game”.

Last night the women were playing and were distracted because of an illness or injury in the stands and later by a 21 gun salute. It appeared to distract the woman who was leading. She rebounded however when the distractions were over. Later another woman was not playing her best tennis but persisted and kept plugging along.

Just now I’m watching Nadal play very poorly because he’s injured but he’s not willing to give up. He’s down 2 sets and 4 games in the 3rd set and just won’t stop competing. He’s battling even though he knows he can’t win (according to the announcers). That is the sign of a champion.

The last few days I’ve had continued involvement with the development of our computer system at work. This is hard stuff, trying to think ahead while still sticking to the detailed analysis that must go on. I have been frustrated for quite some time with this and have wanted to give up. But I have not because I know the importance of the program. However, I will be taking this competitive spirit lesson from tennis and change my attitude while participating.

What lessons can you learn from these games? Which kind of player are you? What are you going to do about it?

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