Thanks to All of You – I Am Back In The Saddle Again

  I wasn’t on the site much yesterday as I tried various ways to “move on”. This a.m. as I came to post a New Day Thought (or a New Thought Day 🙂  ) I saw how many wonderful comments you guys made and my heart was filled with even greater joy and comfort. I  do know what has come from all this and all your support and I intend to surprise you with it in the next week or two – I think you’ll enjoy it. But I have all of you to thank for it! This event, this year and your support has changed my life dramatically – and all for the good. There were obstacles even up to the end (even though it didn’t end – the lack of completion was a big part of it) and there were joys up to the end…but it’s not the end. For something even better has come from it.

Not only do I have you all to thank but as I wrote yesterday, my EFT practitioner (Kay) really got me back in alignment and I am forever indebted to her. She helped me get right about my decision (and the timing was perfect) and she helped me move forward past the resistance I was having that was making me feel “stuck” yesterday. I highly recommend EFT for almost any issue you’re having. She has brought me through the last 2 years and my life has completely changed through using EFT.

I am back in the saddle and ready to go forward – both with my running and my life – and you all will be the ones that benefit from that. Thanks again and stay tuned to see what I have to offer you! Just remember that we all need coaches and you guys have been there helping me (coaching me) and giving back and I am truly grateful and appreciative.

I feel very blessed and honored to be a part of your family!


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2 thoughts on “Thanks to All of You – I Am Back In The Saddle Again

  1. Hi Terrie
    I opened your ‘disappointment’ email about 12 hours ago, and have been working out my response (during my sleep!) I got up fairly early this morning to pen my thoughts, only to read all the wonderful feedback you’ve already received! I too was very impressed with the wonderful Sarah’s words, she’s a gem and I’m sure the FAVE course has brought out so much of her hidden gifts.
    For what its worth, I was going to stay that you were faced with a very conflicted decision, (one that I would also agonise over, being a Perceiving not Judging Myers Briggs personality type!) and I can quite imagine all that was going round in your head.
    I also wanted to say that the outpouring of grief was probably about more than just your current situation, as Mary Pat I think, identified. Any highly charged emotional situation can be a trigger for the body to release long held emotions not previously dealt with.
    It sounds like this has been a great cleansing and renewal for you, and I feel very pleased and happy that you now appear to have come through the intensity of it.
    I was going to add that perhaps there was some ‘limiting belief’ that you ‘shouldn’t’ feel such intense emotion, or that there’s some time limit to what is ‘appropriate’. Maybe you’ve already explored this as well – this time difference seems to have put me somewhat behind the game!
    I have really missed contact with you and the others in the last few months. I hesitated to email you as I thought you must have been too busy with work and the marathon preparation – putting my needs and value low on the list (limiting belief around my worth)
    I feel honoured to be part of your online family and am so pleased you have this resource and use it!
    I look forward to your ‘surprise’ in the coming weeks.
    I have looked on the FAVE comments page, but not on this site – is this where you’ll let us know what’s ahead?
    Love and good vibrations, Trish

    • HI Trish,
      great to hear from you and don’t worry about the time difference. Your thoughts are always very heart-felt and heart-centered and are “spot on” in my book. I am sure there were some limiting beliefs (like people will think I’m a failure or a quitter because I didn’t see this through to completion and probably lots others) but I have gotten past most of those I believe too. EFT is a remarkable thing and it really does open you up to letting your energy align. Speaking of which I’m going to the Abraham workshop next Saturday so I can’t wait for that.
      It will be here (and email) that I let people know what’s going to happen. And as a FAVE graduate you will have complete knowledge of things as they go down. We haven’t been active because there really hasn’t been any expressed interest since the end of class and you’re right I have been very busy with training and with work and my other course. But things always work out as they should and this is too.
      Thanks for helping. I cherish the family we have at Getting Unstuck, LLC and thank you for being a very valuable part of it.