The Ancient Law of Prosperity

The Ancient Law of Prosperity

In ancient times “ten” was considered “the magic number of increase”.

The Ancient Law of Prosperity is this: True prosperity has a spiritual basis. God is the Source of your supply. Your mind, body, abilities, talents, education, experience job or profession are all instruments and channels of your prosperity, but God is the Source. Therefore, you must do something definite and consistent to keep in touch with that rich Source if you want to be continually prosperous.

Sharing is the beginning of financial increase. Systematic giving opens the way for systematic receiving. However, that giving must be done in a certain way:  through the consistent sharing of your tithes with God’s work and workers at the point or points where you are receiving spiritual help and inspiration.

The word “tithe” means “tenth” and the ancient people felt that 10 was “the magic number of increase”.

Think of tithing as taking God as your financial power (remember that you can put “universe, energy, vibration, Higher Power, Buddha, whatever you want instead of God).

Many of the get rich quick schemes fail because they focus on getting, not giving. They have no spiritual foundation.

There are people who are very wealthy and yet do not tithe. If you look at them you’ll see that they may be prosperous in the financial aspect of their lives but what about their sense of peace of mind, health or body? What’s the state of their relationships and their overall well-being? True prosperity includes peace of mind and health of body as well as financial peace and plenty.

Read Genesis 28:20-22 and see where Jacob, at a low point in his life, made a tithing “deal” with God – he asked for prosperity, guidance, peace of mind and reconciliation with his family. In turn he promised “Of all that thou shalt give me, I will surely give the tenth unto thee.”

The next several days we’ll talk more about tithing. I can personally vouch for the importance and success of this. Read “The Richest Man in Babylon” amongst other books to find out what man’s financial basics should be.


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  1. I`m so pleased to read this New Thought blog. I am studying New Thought for 5 years and read about 20 books from Dr. Joseph Murphy. Yet, I`m still seeking answers to many questions of life, hope I`ll find some in Your blog 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by. You will most likely always have questions since that’s how we grow. I’ve been studying this for 25 years and still have questions!

    Keep on reading