The Applied Golden Rule

More from Napoleon Hill (can you tell I really like him?)

The Applied Golden Rule
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

During these times of lack of harmony among men and nations, when the world is rocked with chaos and strife and lack of faith, what greater work could a man engage in than that of planting constructive thoughts where destructive ones grew before?  You have influence with a certain number of people and if you wish to exercise that influence so it will bring you the greatest return in happiness and in fortune you will lay aside all hatred or prejudice which may have fastened itself upon you and devote every ounce of your influence to helping men see the folly of strife and struggle and destructive effort.  In thus wielding your influence for good you may be sure that your efforts will return to you, like a boomerang, not to curse but to bless you and yours, for as surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west the world will hand you back that which you hand it.   You can be a man with a grievance or a man with a message; you can be a BUILDER or a DESTROYER, but make sure of this, that you can no more tear down without in turn being torn down, than you could sow wild mustard and reap a harvest of oats.

Source: Napoleon Hill’s Magazine. November, 1921. Back Cover Material.


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