The Best Investment You Can Make in Peace, Health & Prosperity

The Best Investment You Can Make in Peace, Health & Prosperity

If you’re not sure about all this tithing talk, pray about it; pray about your giving. Ask your Higher Power, your God, your Universe to reveal to you WHERE to share your tithes. When you say “Reveal to me where I should tithe” you will be guided in your giving so that all involved in your gift (you, the giver as well as the recipient) will be blessed.

As you continue in your personal and spiritual growth, your tithing practices may grow as well. You will probably go from one-tenth to larger giving – opening the way to receive even greater peace, health and prosperity in your life. In any event, you will find that tithing is the best investment you can make in successful living, and also the most soul-satisfying.

Try this affirmation: “I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my prosperity. God is the Source of my supply, so I now put God first financially. I tithe my way to prosperity. The voluntary, faithful tithing of my whole income now operates the law of ever-increasing prosperity for me. I now tithe my way to peace, health and plenty.”

What Do All These Words Mean?

The word “dynamic” in its root means “spiritual”.

The word “law” signifies those ideas or methods that work if we apply them.

The word “prosperity” in its root means “wholeness”.

This study is all about the spiritual laws of wholeness, which, when practiced, bring peace, health and plenty into our lives.

Tithing really does work! Take some time to research the age-old concept of tithing, figure out who is the source of your spiritual supply, say the above affirmation and then make a habit out of tithing. You’ll be glad you did.



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