The Economy Is A Mirror Of Your Mind


Did you ever notice how some people see great things in a pile of “muck” and others just see “muck”. You see what you are conditioned to see and what your beliefs tell you to do.  The more you learn to see the good in things, the more you will attract good things into your life. If you think “I never have any luck” or “nothing good ever happens to me” or “the economy stinks. How could I possibly be expected to succeed or make any money”, this is what will occur in your life. Basic Law of Attraction. Couldn’t be simpler.

If you say things like “the economy stinks so my income will stink”, you are giving away your control in life. You make yourself a pawn to others and to the revolving factors in the universe. Do you really want to do that? Do you want to give up control of your life? I know that I don’t wan to do that in any way, shape or form. So, if I want good fortune to come to me, I look for it in every situation. I’ve talked about this in last week and this week’s “Tuesdays with Terrie”. There are lots of things I could find “bad” or “wrong” with the latest events in my life but why would I want to concentrate on them? I don’t want more bad things in my life. I want to see the good in the experience and see the lessons learned and that can be learned from these events. And the more I look, the more experienced I get so that it becomes automatic to look ONLY for the good things.

Take my developing epilepsy when I was 21. I could have been all bummed out because that meant I could no longer pursue my goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. But, I was so ecstatic that a) I didn’t have a brain tumor (one of the two “options” I was given – “you either have epilepsy or a brain tumor”) and that b) my seizures were easily controlled with medicine and c) that I hadn’t been killed or injured when I had a seizure driving. Because I was focusing on the good in the diagnosis, nothing bad ever came from it. And as it turned out, having a disability has helped me understand and help my patients live with something that has a stigma in their own lives. How could I possibly be unhappy when I’ve seen all those benefits?

While THE economy is a reflection of Universal or Divine Mind, your own personal economy does NOT have to be. When people hear that the “economy is bad” and think that they have to be subject to everything that everyone else is, they just give up and sink into the despair and belief that they will just be poor until the economy changes. When a person understands that this is just a collective thought that they don’t have to buy into, then they can continue to work in the positive aspects of their own prosperity. They do not give their control to anyone else. The Universe loves action and these people take action, making their own success and economy. They know that they attract what they focus on and instead of focusing on (and complaining about) the “bad” way things are going, they simply look for solutions. Their mind is solution oriented, not problem oriented. As such, they find the answer and bring prosperity into their lives – over and over again.

Which type of life do you want? Prosperity or poverty? If you choose prosperity, stop listening to others, stop watching the news, stop being so impressionable and start bringing what you want into your life!


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