The Golden Rule as a Business Weapon

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The Golden Rule As A Business Weapon
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

It seems ridiculous to refer to the Golden Rule as a “weapon,” but that is just what it is – a weapon which no resistance on earth can withstand

The Golden Rule is a powerful weapon in business, because there is so little competition in its application.

At the time of this writing, the whole world seems to have gone into the business of “profiteering,” which means the same as “getting without giving fair value in return.” This spirit of greed cannot long prevail. What an opportunity, then, for the farsighted men and women who will adopt the Golden Rule as their business motto now. The contract would be so noticeable that it would excite widespread comment and bring all the business that could be handled, and long after the profiteers have gone out of business, those who have applied the Golden Rule would find that they had “built their houses upon a rock.”

What a glorious opportunity the labor unions have to ride to victory – permanent, profitable, bloodless victory – by applying the Golden Rule and making it their motto. Will union labor be big enough to see this opportunity and utilize it? What an opportunity the present situation offers some individual in the rank and file of labor to rise to leadership, not only of organized labor, but to the highest and most responsible leadership position the American people have to offer, by influencing labor to conduct its affairs under the Golden Rule philosophy.

There is not a situation earth which does not offer a splendid opportunity for someone to benefit by making use of the Golden Rule.

The time is not far distant when it will be business suicide to try to conduct business under any other standard except the Golden Rule. This fact is so obvious that it seems to this writer expedient for the wise ones to fall in line now and thereby get credit for something which they will later have to do anyway.

Adopt the Golden Rule as your business motto and write it on your business stationary and in every advertisement you publish. It will pay you handsomely.

Source: Reprinted from the February 1920 issue of Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rule Magazine.

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