The Grass is Always Greener

grass is always greenerThink about this…and be honest too! How often has this been proven true in your own life? I know it’s been my way of thinking in the past.

Is there anything wrong with this way of thinking? Not really….BUT….when you’re always looking over the fence – at something you don’t have and wishing you had it, you are wasting your life.

For some reason our perception of what’s “out there” on the other side, or, what we MIGHT be able to attain is more attractive than what we are experiencing right now.  Maybe our current situation is boring (or just “there” because nothing is different). We arrange our life in a way that’s comfortable to us. We all like routine and we like to have things in a certain way.

But then there is that part of our brain that thinks that something that’s “out there” is better than what we have. So we wish for that thing without knowing anything other than how it APPEARS from our distance. It’s judging a book by its cover and wanting to pick it up and buy it – without even reading on the cover or initial pages to see if it’s really something we’re interested in.

Did you ever order something you just “had to have” and then when you received it, it was no big deal? It wasn’t the “thing that changed the world” like it seemed when you ordered it – the “thing” you couldn’t live without.  I think it’s our anticipation of something and what we imagine it will be or what our lives will be like if we have it (or achieve if it’s a goal). We are very good at imagining but then there’s a let down when our “order” finally gets here.

There is a lesson from that last paragraph that’s so important to think about. If we can imagine how great our life will be or how great something will be, then we can enjoy our life right now even without actually having the “thing” in our possession. Abraham always talks about feelings and vibrations. You can capture the joyous feelings you experience when you think about having something and feel them in the “NOW”. It’s so important for us to live in the now and not always be waiting for the future or something to come in the future. Think about the happiness and joy of completing a goal. Close your eyes (when you’re done reading this of course…ha ha), feel how happy and satisfied you’ll be when you reach that goal. Actually feel it, feel the satisfaction and glow. Now absorb that deep into your soul. If you can feel that, then you can reproduce it any time you want. And you do NOT need to have actually achieved the goal or received the object to feel that way, do you? Once you’ve felt it, you can pull it back any time you want. Right NOW!

Don’t live for the future (the grass on the other side). Live in the NOW and enjoy your life NOW. Look around you and see how many people have had adversity fall upon them and as a result they have been derailed from pursuing all their goals and destinations. They are then forced to live in the NOW because as far as they know there may not be any tomorrow. When you go to bed, express your gratitude for all you’ve had and experienced during the day. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is to express gratitude for having awakened and been given another day.

Live each day for others and see what you can do to help others. There are so many people out there that are in pain and no one knows that. You don’t know who you are touching. Just a smile or a kind word can make a difference. Have you ever experienced that? When you’ve been down and things just not going right, you’ve received a smile or someone has said “thank you” or “how are you today” or just something that makes you think that there is at least one other person in the world that cares about you? I know I have. And the endorphins I experience either from being the recipient of that kindness (or even better being able to give the same to someone else) are not surpassed by anything. To be able to help others provides the greatest joy you can ever experience.

I can’t run right now and don’t know for how long I’ll be sidetracked. Someone on my Facebook page wrote that we always wish for rest when we can’t and when we have to rest, we wish we could be out doing the activity (my paraphrasing). And you know what? That’s so right. Instead of sitting here wishing I could run and feeling remorse for the events I’ll be missing, I must focus on the benefits of not being able to get out there. I am getting some better at this as my feet feel better and I can walk OK. It was more difficult when it hurt so much to just get up to walk to the bathroom or the kitchen. But, as walking becomes easier, I am taking the opportunity to alter my thinking every time I start feeling depressed and worried about not being able to run. I ask myself what am I supposed to be learning? There are so many things I can do now that I have the time I would be out training – get them done now and be happy. They are the tedious chores that I would normally put aside as I lace up my shoes. But now I have no reason to put them aside. So get them done and rejoice in that achievement.  I can work on my books. I have started to read again which I hadn’t done before. There are so many things I can do to feel fulfilled. I could also relive the events I’ve done in the past and take the feelings from them and be happy at that. The trick with that is to not then slip into remorse because I may not be able to  them again. I have to stop myself from thinking that way for two reasons. It ruins the moment but more importantly, I am likely to attract that situation. I just need to think about how well my feet are healing and how strong my mind and body are right now. I don’t want the Law of Attraction to bring me more inability to run. So, I’m working with it to bring me strength and capability. Slowing down, I think, has been the lesson for me in 2015. It’s time for me to relish that thought and think what it really means to me. I obviously haven’t learned well enough from it because it keeps being forced upon me. I need to delve deeper…..hmmmm

So, for at least a week, put the lawn mower away and don’t even look at the grass on the other side. Look at your own yard (life) and even if there are brown spots in the lawn, think about what you could do with that brown area. Think about the earth underneath it and what critters are living there.  Or even better, just look at what’s around the brown and be happy you have a yard no matter what it looks like. Many people in the world don’t even have a yard. Take a drink of clean water and be oh, so grateful that you have running clean water. So many people don’t. Think about how you can help others every single day. Make that your goal each day instead of thinking about what you “could” or “will” have ….eventually. Do it now and be in the now. It really makes a difference. In fact, try to define what the phrase “live each day to its fullest” means to you…and then go live that way – each and every day.

The grass really is NOT greener on the other side. It’s perfectly fine right where you’re standing so live it and love it. It’s yours and you should rejoice!

Join me on the journey to live in the NOW. We aren’t that good at that anymore but we can try to get back there. Are you game to try?


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