The Imaging Law of Prosperity

The Imaging Law of Prosperity

Now that we’ve discussed Catherine Ponder’s Creative Law of Prosperity, let’s move into her Imaging Law of Prosperity.

If there is failure or lack in your life it is because you first imagined it in your mind. I know that will anger a lot of readers and I’ll just have to accept that. But, if you look at it objectively you will see that it is correct. You may not have done any of that imagining consciously but look at the influences of your parents, teachers, siblings, religious leaders, the news, etc in inundating your mind. If you’ve just listened and accepted all that you’ve been bombarded with, your mind has been fulfilled with all of these thoughts and then it has all come to pass. Many people call that a self-fulfilling prophecy and that’s just as good a name for it. We simply have to be aware that it does happen and once aware, we are responsible for changing it.

Just as you set these things up in your mind, you can begin to dissolve these limitations and re-make your life into what you want it to be.

Imagination is much stronger than will power and when they are in conflict, imagination will always win out.

Even if your reasoning power or your will tells you that your dreams will never be or that your dreams are too big to fulfill, don’t let them win out – dare to continue imaging. Then your imagination will go to work for you to produce visible the results you have been imagining.

Whatever the mind is taught to expect, it will build, produce and bring forth to you.

More on this tomorrow. It’s an exciting avenue we’re on right now. Stay tuned.


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