The Importance of Solitude

As the weekend nears and as the children are back in school (or are just going to go back to school) let’s look at Solitude and how important it is in your life and in having a fresh mind.  Once again I’m posting another great article from the master – Napoleon Hill….see if any of this hits home for you. If it does, let us know by commenting. Have a great weekend.

The Importance of Solitude
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

I love my family and my friends. My love for them is deep and sincere. I would do anything within my power to add to their comfort and welfare … but, I also love to get away from the crowds, away from everybody and visit with myself. This may seem rather selfish, but it isn’t. My mental development demands it.

I love to think, to look ahead and anticipate the experiences yet to come in my life, to figure out why I am here and what to do to fulfill my read mission in life. I love to go just a step further in imagination than I have ever gone in realization. In other words, I love to do what many call “dreaming.”

Contrary to what some may believe, dreaming is not harmful. In fact, quite the reverse is true. Getting away from others to dream allows you to rise above commonplace thoughts and things.

Milton did his best work after blindness forced him to turn to solitude for realization.
Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner” while being held as a prisoner of war on a British ship.

When we are with others, we must be polite and discuss with them whatever subject they may happen to bring up. When we are with ourselves, we can direct our thoughts along any line we choose and concentrate upon those thoughts, impress them upon our minds and keep them where we may get them when we want them.

This is constructive dreaming!

No one ever becomes a “doer” without first becoming a “dreamer.” The architect first draws the picture of a building in his mind and then places it on paper. And so we must all see the object of our labors in our minds before we can see them in reality.

Source: Adapted from the March 1919 issue of Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rule magazine as appearing in the April, 1994, Volume 6, Number 4 issue of Think and Grow Rich Newsletter. Pg. 5.

So, did this mean anything to you? Let us know.


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