The Joy of Keeping In Touch

For the past few months I have taken every opportunity to locate people I haven’t heard from for some time.  If one of them is you, please keep in touch.

For long time friends,  what are you doing now?  Are you still working in metaphysics?  Are you having fun in life?  Are you remembering all of the techniques to create the joys of life?  If not, do we need a reminder class of all the different ways to utilize our abilities?

For new friends, please introduce yourselves.  It is exciting to know the many people from all over the world that are in  the Getting Unstuck family.  And be sure and tell either Terrie or me the good things that are occurring for you.

Sometimes I even return to the classes that I gave to remind myself of anything I may not be taking advantage of to create love, joy, peace, wealth, etc.

I’ve been using a lot of ideas to have a “permanent” wonder about life.  We sometimes neglect to look around us and enjoy where we are and the wonderful people in our lives.

Always remember……..  You are a blessing to all people


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