The Law of Attraction at Work in New York..

 Well yesterday was the first time I’d spoken with my trainer (Dan) since he went to New York. He was like a little kid at Christmas. He is a very positive man and his fiance is also extremely positive (he describes her as “bubbly” and she’d probably shoot him for using that term but oh well). He talked about how friendly everyone was in New York. For the past year he’d been quizzing me about “would he get mugged”, “what would happen if I look people in the eye and smile at them” etc.  He said that almost everyone smiled back. He also said that every place they went things returned to normal just before they got there. For example, when they would get on the subway, they would hear that another part of the line just opened up or that when they would get somewhere the power would have been restored to such and such a place.

The cutest part was when he was ready to propose. I think he had a certain place in mind but when they got to Central Park he found this fountain and there was a choir singing and he felt it was the perfect place. It went so magically that even people around him got pictures and videos for them to keep.

He was so effusive and it was very obvious that this man and his fiance brought the magic of their energy with them wherever they went. It was amazing to listen to. It’s as if they had a protective and rewarding bubble around them – they only attracted those who matched their attitude and energy. This is really what the Law of Attraction is all about. People who are grumpy don’t want to be around those who are so happy all they can do is smile. And those who are positive and ecstatic with life don’t want to be around those who are grumpy and try to bring others down. Just like oil and vinegar.

What is your energy saying today? What kind of bubble is surrounding you? Who are you attracting into your life?


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