The Law of Attraction in Action – Rule #1 – Pay Attention!!!

stick_figure_standing_under_sign_text_11276 So, I’ve been missing in action for quite awhile. Those of you who know me will know why – I’ve been running, running, running….culminated in my 2nd 100 mile event in 6 weeks – finished 1 week ago. But in the week before that event which started at 6 a.m. Friday the 14th of June, I saw the Law of Attraction work taking my life from bottom to top – and I created it all! I want to share it with you because it’s such a powerful lesson in what you can do with and to your life if you don’t pay attention to your every thought, word and most of all feeling.

Let me start a bit earlier though. When I finished my first 100 miler 7 weeks ago I was on top of the world and felt like I had accomplished so much – after all, this was a 15 year old dream I had had. I wanted to try it again and the only chance I would have to be able to do it in my time frame was this one 6 weeks later. So I signed up. I even ran 2 or 3 marathons in the interim to try to keep my endurance up.

All throughout these 6 weeks I debated writing to all of you to ask you to figure out some way to support me as I knew I would have no support during the race but wanted to ask you all to think of a charity or something you would donate to if I finished – that would motivate me to keep going. But I was too chicken to write and ask you all because I felt it would be too presumptuous and you’d laugh at me or worse yet, ignore me (see how our feelings and emotions really mess with our world and how beautifully we could orchestrate it if we paid more attention and believed in the Law of Attraction more?). So I never even let you know what I had done or was planning to do.

Two Sundays ago as I scrutinized the weather forecast (I had been doing that every day for the entire six weeks even though it was of no use since the weather can’t be predicted out that far). But by that Sunday they had the 10 day forecast available and it said SUNNY and in the mid 90s for Friday and Saturday. I was terrified. The trail we run on for the events has absolutely no shade and I did not believe I could survive the pounding sun and heat for two daylight periods (totally probably 28 hours of sunshine out of the 40 hours it would probably take me to do the event). I was panicking. I think that on Monday or Tuesday I wrote the race director and told her I didn’t think I could survive and wasn’t even sure I could/should start the race. All of this was churning and turning in my mind.

By Tuesday night/Wed early morning though, the forecast said “mostly cloudy” and I knew how much I wanted to run this race so I told myself I could do it and would do it and would conquer all of these adverse factors no matter what. I had made up my mind!

What I didn’t know is that the fear and uncertainty that I had experienced over the previous few days had also “made up my mind” and the Law of Attraction was definitely in action (as it is all the time in my life- and yours too).  By Wednesday mid-morning I could not walk. My sacroiliac joint had “gone out” and my back was so bad that I could only walk short distances and by limping.

What the heck? I really wanted to run this race but if I couldn’t walk, how could I even start. Well, my fear had created an “acceptable” way of getting out of starting the race – no one who even saw me could possibly think I would be able to make it to the start line. My mind had given my body the “socially acceptable” way out.  The Law of Attraction had given me what I had asked for.

My only problem was that I had “fixed” my mind and decided I wanted to do the race and eliminated the fear and all the other negative emotions that went with it and had gotten excited again about doing the race. Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction and my mind had gone to work immediately when I said I was too scared to start.

So now what?

Well, I texted my AIRROSTI provider – Dr. Jackson – and said “help”. Here is where the Law of Attraction started working again – immediately! She had just had a cancellation and could see me at 2:30 that day to work on my Sacroiliac joint. How fortunate could I get. She worked on it and told me what to do and that she’d see me the next day. I then went home and “conveniently” had an appointment with my EFT practitioner – Kay Christopher!  It was a very long hour but we worked through the reasons this had happened and how I had sabotaged myself, etc etc. I felt better between AIRROSTI, ice and EFT but I still could barely walk and could hardly sit down.

The next day was slightly better and I had a glimmer of hope – I had not given up the fight though because I have such faith in AIRROSTI even though this would have to be a miracle. I went back on Thursday afternoon and Dr. Jackson worked on me again. I went home and got everything together for the race. I had already gotten permission to start later in the day if I felt that I needed an extra 12 hours to heal. But when I got up at 2 a.m. I felt great – there was still nagging but I had a muscle stimulation unit that I just taped down on my SI joint and stuck the unit in my shorts pocket. I felt great and knew that I could start that morning. It really was a miracle and mind (and a few ancillary support systems) over matter!

I started the event at 6 a.m. as planned and did the whole thing in 43 hours and 23 minutes (alot longer than my last and way too long to brag about) but even though many other things hurt during all that time, my back NEVER once really bothered me. I used the medal-and-watchelectrical stimulation a few times during the first day but if I hadn’t had it, it would have been ok too.

I received the MIRACLE I had asked for. But that miracle was the Law of Attraction bringing all the necessary components into place. Once I had cemented the firm desire and belief that I could overcome the elements and not wimp out or give in to fear of the unknown, all the rest of the Universe’s powers aligned to bring me what I wanted – there was magically an open AIRROSTI appointment (a rare occurrence) and I had planned my EFT appointment a bit earlier than normal and although I had at first cancelled it, I then asked if we could do this emergency session and Kay was available! I was determined – emotionally – and the Universe delivered my “order” to me just like Amazon Prime – overnight!  See how fast the Law of Attraction works, especially when you’re experienced and know its power?

But remember that it had worked just as fast earlier in the week and because I was NOT paying attention to what I was feeling (and thinking but mostly feeling – that fear), it just steamrolled my desire right up to me and said “hey, you asked and we delivered” – which was true but I had not been paying attention to what I was asking for.

You must always be attentive to your thoughts but particularly to your feelings!

I did it and I learned so much in the process. I hope this real life example shows you that the Law of Attraction really does work in your life – ALL THE TIME, not just the good and not just the bad!



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12 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction in Action – Rule #1 – Pay Attention!!!

    • Thanks Joyce – it was almost worth it just to see how powerful I am with the Law of Attraction in my life.

  1. That is amazing! Congratulations on rocking it! No matter if it was longer or not, guess what? You finished!

    You paid attention to what you had to “hear” and everything else worked itself out. That is so exciting!

    So happy you are back too!

    • Thanks so much. It was a lesson for me to pay attention to all that’s churning around inside of me because as soon as we put it into being (thought and feeling) it will start being put into action!

  2. Terrie – I’m so glad you wrote this. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. This was the perfect way to catch up with you and be inspired all at the same time.

    • Thanks Holly – you have proved to yourself (and to all of us) so many times that all things are possible – you have overcome so much and your beauty has shone through constantly inspiring others!

  3. Congratulations at finishing the race. and what an amazing story of finally triumphing over your own created beliefs, and the synchronicity of how it all worked out in your favor.

  4. You are so inspiring Terry! From you, I learnt to overcome so many inhibitions that were doing nothing but suffocating me… Thanks a lot for being there.

    • Thanks Piyali – you have been with us for a long time and I love to hear about your progress. Glad I can help you along – you are the one doing all the work! Keep it up.