The Law of Attraction is the Key to Everything….

And understanding how it works and what surrounds it is essential. I haven’t posted in quite a few months because my every waking moment was spent either at work or training for the New York City Marathon which is in two weeks now. But I have been listening over and over again to Abraham and have learned so much that I am going to begin to share with you all. I’m also getting ready to have another webinar and another coaching class after the marathon is over. We had such a successful inaugural class that I want others to have that opportunity as well. I will open up for coaching hours in November too so it’s going to be busy at Getting Unstuck, LLC because I want to help you all “Get Unstuck” and get moving toward the goals you have.

This is a short “welcome back” type post today but I just wanted to remind you of the three basic concepts put out by Abraham in “Ask and it is Given”, the Teachings of Abraham.

First, you Ask – you do this with every desire you have and you do this when you come across things you do NOT want in your life. Because immediately you know what you DO want. So, you have now put out into the Universe what it is you want.

Second, it is Given – this is the work of the Universe, not you. The Universe hears your desire (what you asked for) and it immediately goes to work to provide it for you.

Third, you have to ALLOW it into your life – this is where people say that the Law of Attraction does or doesn’t work. If they are good at “allowing”, all things come to them and they agree that it works. If they have resistance and do not “allow” the Universe to give them what they have asked for, then they do not get their manifestation and they say the Law of Attraction does not work.

The Law of Attraction ALWAYS works. Your job is to figure out what it is you are allowing into your life – resistance or acceptance. If you’re always focused on the lack, the absence of what you want, the “not having it”, then you will receive more of that but the Law of Attraction is working because it is bringing you more of what you are focusing on.

My job as a coach and leader is to help you stop focusing on the lack but to allow the things you have asked for – the things you want – to come into your life.

We all need coaches. As the weeks go by, you’ll see how that plays into your everyday life.


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