The Major Attributes of Initiative and Leadership

We talked about this in November but here’s another of Napoleon Hill’s works where he describes the 10 attributes of Initiative and Leadership. They help elaborate on the Qualities of Leadership discussed in November with different wording. Take them in and use them to build your talents.

1. Know definitely what you want (your definite major purpose)

2. Build a practical plan or plans for the achievement of that which you want, making use of the counsel and advice of your Master Mind Group.

3. Surround yourself with an organization made up of men who h ave the knowledge and experience essential for carrying out your Definite Aim.

4. Have sufficient faith in yourself and in your plans to see your aim a finished reality even before you begin to carry out your plans.

5. Do not become discouraged no matter what obstacles you meet. If one plan fails to work substitute other plans until you have found one that will work.

6. Do no guessing but get the facts as the basis for all your plans.

7. Do not be influenced by others to abandon your plans or your aim.

8. Have no set hours of labor. The leader must devote to his task whatever hours are necessary for success.

9. Concentrate upon one thing at a time as you cannot dissipate thought and energy and still be efficient.

10. Whenever possible relegate to others the responsibility of details, but have a system for checking your subordinates to see that these details are accurately attended to. Hold yourself accountable at all times for carrying out all of your plans, bearing in mind that if subordinates fail, it is is you yourself who has failed.

What’s happened in your life in the past month? How has your life changed as a result of our review of the quailities of leadership.



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