The Meaning Was Suddenly Clear To Me….

Only some of you will understand the example I’m going to give but you all should understand that if you are patient enough, clarity will come to you – and it may come in the most unexpected ways. If we continue to question things, everything gets muddied and we can’t see a clear picture. But if we just have faith that everything is developing as it should, the meaning will come to you eventually.

Here’s what happened. People in the U.S. will know the TV show “House”. At the end of that show just before (or maybe after) the credits, there’s an animation of two guys sitting on the beach and the one says “That’s some bad hat Harry”. The meaning behind that has been an enigma to me since I first started watching the show.

Today I was looking around on the TV and found that “Jaws” was on – you know how old that show is but it’s always been a favorite of mine. It had already started but I tuned in anyway. Just at the point I tuned in guess what happened. The Chief of Police was sitting on the beach with some guy and the first first words I heard were “That’s some bad hat Harry” and the guy with the bad hat had a hat exactly like the cartoon one. Obviously the creators of House really liked Jaws and that expression.

It was such an epiphany for me (as stupid as that sounds) but it showed me clarity and that if I wait for that clarity it will come. How odd was this day for me? It sounds so petty but it showed me so much about my life and my faith.  What’s the probability that I would find the answer to a question that has been perplexing me for so long on a Sunday morning in a very old movie? Pretty small.

Don’t question things and doubt them for long periods of time. Know that you’ll get an answer if you just let it go and sit back and wait for it.


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