The Power of Secrecy, Release & Focused Giving

The Power of Secrecy, Release and Focused-Giving

Your giving is sacred and therefore should be kept secret. It is wise to give quietly with no strings attached, regardless of the amounts involved, not referring to them again. If large tithes are involved, it is sometimes necessary to emotionally release them and continue to do so until one has a sense of freedom from them. There should be no sense of possessiveness about the tithes one shares, regardless of their size, since all we receive comes from God and is not ours to permanently own. In tithe-giving, we are only returning to God a portion of all He has already given us. So, if you resent your giving, then the practice of release is in order.

It is wiser to give the tenth systematically and freely than to give much larger amounts spasmodically. Tithing is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme by which you can force your good. Instead, the act of tithing is a process of growth by which one evolves into larger giving (and therefore larger receiving). Remember that God is your business partner. You don’t pay your partner sporadically do you?

to give and then make demands on the recipient of your gifts is like a bribe, not a tithe. The conscientious tither does not give for “show” or “publicity”. the recipient of your tithe should also be equally quiet about the gifts. Otherwise it is easy to dissipate and “talk away one’s good”. There is prospering power in both secrecy and then in release.



One of the “sins” of many tithers is that they tend to scatter their tithes, giving to many causes. Scatter tithes tend to bring scattered ineffectual results, both for the giver and the recipient. Scattered giving to many causes does little to help any of them. Your generous concentrated tithes can be “manna from heaven” assuring financial stability to a single cause. Never be afraid of giving big tithes to one or two causes, if you wish to reap big results in your own life. You should never be afraid to give too much either. That is a limiting thought for everyone involved. One businessman said “I became a millionaire after I first heard about tithing 15 years ago. Later, when I decided I was giving too much, I stopped tithing. Soon, I went broke. I learned an expensive lesson, so I am again tithing my way to wealth.


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