The Race is the Reward – What is Your Reward?

the race is your rewardIn life? In Relationships? In Family? In Love? In Your Job?

Can you answer this question in the context of the above subjects? Can you do it quickly or will it require much thought? Maybe you can’t even answer the question at all.

People often look at crossing the finish line and receiving a medal or a score or a “congratulations”, or a kiss from a loved one – any of these – as the reward.

However, it really is your just toeing the starting line that is the real reward. Reward for what? Well, I suppose it will depend on your definition of ‘reward’ but if you examine your life and see that you have trained hard (worked hard) for some event (race), then your being able to participate in the race is actually the reward – REGARDLESS of the outcome!

I have to remind myself of this repeatedly, especially this year. Even last year as I had to drop out of the run across Tennessee I had to continue to think that at least I made it to the ‘ferry’ as we say and began the race. I could have dropped out 2 weeks before when I got injured but I didn’t. My reward was being there with everyone and enjoying their company and commiserating together (that’s always fun) about the heat and humidity. We were having a ball even though conditions were rough. It wasn’t about “winning” the overall race at that point. We had already won by having the courage to make it there. And then we were hoping to have a “win” in our own way as we progressed through the days and across the miles. I had a mini-win even though I didn’t complete the 314 miles. I made it 1/3 of the way and loved seeing Tennessee and meeting such wonderful people along the way. The 104 miles I made were additional rewards for me after I reached the start.

You can look at each day’s awakening as a reward and probably should be blessing it as you wake up. Think about the good that will come during the day. Think about how your life will evolve today. Vow to make it the best possible day you can. That is not the Pollyanna way of saying “I will make this the best day of my life” – you don’t have to do that. You can simply profess that you will make it the best you can. I heard something this morning that I am going to try. Every time you meet up with someone say “I love you” to yourself. This is a way of acknowledging that that person is doing the best they can no matter what comes out of their mouth that might have irritated you had you not realized that is not their intent. It’s making a conscious effort to change how I look at everyone and how I interpret what they do or say. Should be interesting. So what will be my reward for that experience? Observing what happens when I use this technique. Sound stupid? Maybe – but it helped this one person and I like trying new things that make me feel better.

What else can you consider to be your reward? Would it have to be finishing a project? Or could it be just starting it? What about meetings you have to attend even if you don’t enjoy  them. Make them your reward for having your position. Often, people think of a meeting as a punishment but would they be at the meeting if someone had not put them into a higher position – rewarded them with more pay, more power? So, instead of being down about having to attend a meeting, look at it as a symbol of your worth and look to either contribute something special or at least take away something special.

Trying using this different frame of mind as  way to reframe your life and thought pattern.  Journal about it. See what ideas or concepts come out of this process. Find your fears, find your courage areas, find yourself.

Let me know how it goes. Try the “I love you” with everyone you talk to!


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