The Saturation Technique

The Saturation Technique

Saturate yourself in atmospheres of plenty and in association with successful people. When it seems that your greater success and prosperity are not coming, take time to walk through banks, observing successful people  who have plenty of money. Visit beautiful new buildings and stores. Move through the richest section of your city and countryside where the abundance of God and man are obvious. We have two specific neighborhoods here in San Antonio where you feel the vibration of abundance as soon as you cross the boundary into that neighborhood.

You should also associate with creative people and those with great talent. Do what makes you feel rich – attend the opera  or a concert, visit art galleries, go to plays, etc. For me it’s going to games at Yankee Stadium and getting seats right behind home plate!

Read success stories and autobiographies of famous people. You’ll see the challenges that they have dealt with and still became successful. This should renew our feeling that we can and shall achieve our goals.  If it’s the outdoors that gives you a feeling of richness, spend time outside – in your garden, walking, riding your bike, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Do whatever makes you feel rich and takes your mind away from the current job dissatisfaction you are experiencing.

Saturate your mind and body in rich ideas, rich associations, rich atmospheres and in any activity, inner or outer, which brings a feeling of richness to your inner being, especially during those times when it seems that success is slow in manifesting.

Make The Most of Your Present Situation

Whether it is more satisfaction in your present work, or another step up the ladder in your work; or whether it is a whole new career you desire, or financial freedom from all organized work – your goal can be attained. you need not feel “trapped” by present conditions. There is always something you can do about it. “Divine intelligence now works in me and my life to will and to do whatever is form y highest good, and divine intelligence cannot fail.”

Follow through on whatever ideas or events that present themselves to you for change. Stop thinking about or talking about present dissatisfaction. Forget it,let it go. Then begin to bring about order, harmony and beauty into your present job. if you are dissatisfied, set about doing everything possible to make your job more pleasant and orderly. Clean out file drawers, straighten up your desk. Give fellow workers the benefit of your praise, sincere appreciation, words of kindness as well as silent blessings. As you give the current situation the benefit of your highest thoughts and actions, you help to establish order, harmony and satisfaction for all concerned. when you make the best of your present situation, greater good will reveal itself.


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