The Stop Sign Says “Stop” NOT “Roll”

stop-not-roll-1What? What’s this all about? Does Terrie have a traffic sign fetish? No but the traffic metaphors have been very helpful in explaining life’s happenings in metaphysics.

The Stop Sign is a perfect example. Right there in front of us are those four letters – S.T.O.P. “Stop” means a cessation of movement or operation. When the sign says STOP, it means come to an end or cease to happen. Ceasing to happen means not moving any more when we’re talking about a vehicle.

So why do we insist on “rolling” through the stop sign? Do we think the sign says or actually means “roll through me”? No, we fail to appreciate the meaning of the word STOP and we have interpreted this “rule” the way we choose to interpret it.  That’s always dangerous – when we make our own interpretation of the rules. Are you saying that your interpretation is the correct one and that everyone should follow your example? What if you feel it’s ok to roll through the stop sign at 5 miles per hour? What if the next person sees you roll through it but can’t tell your speed? So they think it’s ok to roll through at 15 mph.  Then a few minutes later another car comes along that yesterday rolled through at 10 mph and had no problem and didn’t see any other traffic coming so that person now feels it’s ok to roll through at 25 miles an hour. Do you see how this can blossom into a total mess? Why even have the sign there? It must have been placed for some reason? What was that reason? Was it to facilitate people moving through an intersection? Was it to protect pedestrians trying to cross the road? What was the reason? We don’t know do we?

Why do we have this temptation to make our own rules? Do we think we know more than the officials? Do we think we know more than those who “rolled through” before? Do we definitely think we know more than the person who actually stops at the sign? What’s your answer? Do we think it’s ok “because” you see no one else at the intersection or no pedestrians? Are there different conditions for which you think this rule should apply?

Do you think these questions are stupid? If so, think about them. How many have ever crossed your mind and dictated your actions.

Of course this post is a follow-on to the one earlier this week where I talked about the Universal Laws are not made to be broken even though many people feel that rules are made to be broken.

The Universe doesn’t really care if you break the rules. What it does care about is delivering what you are asking for. So, if you are only following the rules (rolling through the sign) some of the time, then you will not receive what it is you really want. You will receive what you’re putting your attention on.  You can try thinking you’re prosperous a lot of the time but if you spend any significant time and gather momentum from thinking about all the bills you have and how you’ll never get them paid off, then your prosperity will continue to be at bay.  You will not get the prosperity because a large portion of the time you are focusing on the lack of it (rolling through the sign instead of obeying the rules).

Do you obey the traffic signs? Do you text while you drive? Do you go through stop signs or traffic lights if no one’s there and there’s no sign of police? What other examples can you think of. Let us know in the comment box below.



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2 thoughts on “The Stop Sign Says “Stop” NOT “Roll”

  1. Oh Terrie! This post have been extremely helpful for me… It seems you have written it just for me, it appeals to my present state of mind so much. Thank you dear friend.

    • Piyali,
      I’m so glad I could “read your mind” and know where you are so I could write this for you 🙂
      You are such a wonderful supporter. I appreciate everything you’ve contributed!