The Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind
By Judith Williamson

Too often, it is said, our objective mind or conscious mind merely wishes for things. This wishing does not create the white heat of desire that emotionalizes the subconscious mind as it would if we had a magnificent obsession. When we truly desire what we want in earnest, we think about it, meditate on it, write about it, plan for its attainment, and then begin to work toward achieving it one step at a time. This close attention to what we want not only intensifies our focus, but it also wakes up the sleeping giant, the genie, the powerful force known as our subconscious mind that lies dormant in too many people – perhaps the 98% of the population that Dr. Hill refers to as drifters.      

Since the process of how the subconscious mind works is simple, many people refuse to accept it and instead work to overanalyze it or discard it as some sort of hocus-pocus.      

When we accept that the power within us can do great things through us and for us, it is not in our area of interest to ask how this will occur or attempt to figure out just what mechanism is put into motion to bring this about. Simply    
focusing intently on your plan without undo attention to how this works, will cause the desired outcome to begin to manifest in your life. Your subconscious mind, like Aladdin’s genie, is willing to grant your every wish. Once commanded to perform, it will rise to the occasion and work miracles in your behalf if you only get out of its way.

By knowing positively what you want, expecting it to happen, and acting as if it has already done so, you will be surprised at the quick realization of your desire. Once received, always express immediate gratitude for the gift from your higher power and move on to create additional richness in your life. Gratitude in advance is not a bad idea either since, by expressing gratitude for a completed project, we are signaling our subconscious mind that we have already completed it.

Recall that the subconscious mind exists only in the present. It responds to commands. Finally, it cannot distinguish one type of command from another. Faith and fear both intensify the process, and the story plays out that what you think about you become. Too bad our mind did not come with a user’s manual at birth; but, that being the case, it is never too late to uncover the mystery of our inner mechanisms. It just might enhance the rest of our lives. Try it, and see!      
Now, read on and take the advice of one individual accustomed to calling up his subconscious mind at will. W. Clement Stone not only understood but personally utilized the power of the subconscious mind in the creation of his insurance business and his rewarding life. His legacy is a living testimonial as to the inherent benefit of using one’s mind for personal advancement.     


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