There are NO Accidents in The Universe

  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now you’ll note that I frequently refer to this.

Play a game with yourself – go back over your life and see what’s “accidentally” happened to you and then look at what has come from it. I have a friend who calls this “what if” – like “what if this hadn’t happened…where would I be then?” Try it, you’ll like it and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

I can give you a few examples. I was crushed when I didn’t get into medical school on my first attempt. Since I was four years old I had wanted nothing more than to be a doctor and now that long term life goal had been stymied. I have never been so low in my life. What now? But I went on and kept applying to medical school (I finally got in) but in the interim I developed epilepsy – not the big time convulsions that people have that make epilepsy obvious but the kind where you just stop what you’re doing for a few seconds, lose awareness of what’s around you and then you come to. I had several of these “spells” around other people but no one ever said anything. As it turns out – it was a seizure disorder. Had I started having these spells in medical school I most likely would have either dropped out or flunked out. And no, it would not have made the diagnosis easier because I wouldn’t have gone to see anyone I was so shy. Also, if I had gone to medical school when I thought I was going to go, I would not have become a D.O. and would not have been in the special 3 year program of study. Worse yet, I would not have been as mature as I needed to be to learn and study everything I needed to know – you really must be more mature when you become a doctor.

So, see, that’s 3 wonderful things that resulted from my not getting into medical school.

When I was stationed in San Antonio in the 80s I had been in a relationship and had been “dumped”. I met a friend who was in a similar situation. So we hung out together, especially on Wednesday night. This one Wed she called me and said that she was going to go to this “church” with two of her other friends. She didn’t know if I wanted to go because it was a “New Thought” (whatever that was) church but I was welcome to come along. I sure didn’t want to sit at home alone on another night so I tagged along. Well, as many of you know, my life changed completely from that moment on. That was when I was introduced to New Though (metaphysics) and realized that that was what I had believed for so many years (since I had been introduced to the concept of faith healing 10 years prior while a medical student at Balboa Navy Hospital – another accident?). I would not be sitting here right now if I hadn’t had that broken relationship and found a friend in the civilian community and gone to that ‘strange church’ that night…

There are many more “accidents” in my life – but check out what’s happened in your life and see what you come up with.


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2 thoughts on “There are NO Accidents in The Universe

  1. Hello Terrie,

    I found be being open to new ideas and possibilities, leads to great things. When one door closes, several windows open. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    April M. Williams

  2. April,
    Thanks so much for stopping by AND for commenting. You are so right about the doors and windows!