There’s Always Enough

custom_clothespinned_paper_16139Remember when we talked about the economy being a mirror or you and your beliefs?

This is more on that subject and a very important “more”. It affects your every day life.

If you repeatedly think that there isn’t enough, you are constantly in a state of lack. This keeps your momentum at bay, sets up a low level (and in some cases a high level) stress response in your body. You do NOT function well when your body is experiencing the stress response. You may think you and the reason is that in this day and age pretty much everyone experiences this chronic low level stress and we consider it normal. Stress keeps you in your fight, flight (or even freeze) mode and this is for survival – survival right this minute, not in the future. So you don’t have time or the ability to project into the future.

When you think of not having enough, you will attract more of that lack to you. That isn’t what you want but you’ve been conditioned all your life to think that what is going on around you reflects ACCURATELY what will (or is) happen in your life. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It appears this way because you repeat the cycle over and over again. You think about lack, attract lack and obviously get more lack. I would imagine that this belief has been instilled in you since childhood and then added to by the media, teachers, friends and continued family input.

You have to believe in the Universe and in how all throughout the ages, there has been enough of everything – “enough” always appears. That’s why we shouldn’t panic about gas “shortages” or food “shortages” – the Universe will always provide. Someone always comes up with a new alternative, another way to provide what you need.

Take some time and go back through your life and try to find places and times where you were just “sure” you wouldn’t have enough. But then out of nowhere came your saving grace.

Put this mantra right up there with the other couple I’ve given you – “There’s always enough” – whenever you feel scared that you’re not going to have enough time, money, energy, ideas or anything, repeat this over and over again until that anxiety and panicky feeling disappears and you can concentrate on other things in life. Keep doing this repeatedly whenever that feeling or thought pops into your brain.

Try it – there really IS always enough!


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