Thrive – Don’t Just Survive!




Thrive – Don’t Just Survive

A business man once wrote “These days people are constantly complaining about food shortages, housing shortages, and a shortage of money due to rising prices. In my business, we’ve had to deal with shortages for a long time. But through my prosperity study we’ve succeeded anyway. I plan to thrive – not just survive!”

Use this technique to help you thrive. Begin your day by mentally going over the planned events for that day, visualizing them as pleasant, harmonious and successful. You will begin to experience prosperity, pleasantness and peace. Usually if you mentally plan, visualize and expect a successful day in the early morning hours, there will be little to undo mentally at the day’s end.

No matter how many laws you know about, if you’re not able to live and work harmoniously with others, all else seems of little value. Your financial success is due  to only 15% of your technical ability, and 85% to your ability to get along with people.


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