Time To Prioritize

Yesterday you were to make a list of 50 – 100 things you wanted to achieve/attain.

Now it’s time to really see if these are really burning desires…and then to prioritize them.

If this seems like a lot of work, I have to ask you how cluttered your mind is right now. If you’re already focused on the one or 5 things you want to achieve then you’re ready for the next steps. But if your mind is filled with many things that bounce around and around and you’re flitting from this to that when trying to think of what’s important to you in the near future, then this is the right method to get you going in the right direction. Remember that I said that how we “set up” for the process is so important because you have to be in the correct mental state in order for your subconscious to take the proper direction – and of course, you have to know what you want to order it to do!

1) Go back over the list and start crossing out the items you really had to reach for or those that when you look at it on the list you say “huh?”.

  • When you see yourself saying “huh” or “what’s this all about”, give it a few minutes and look deep inside. Is there a deeper reason you put this on the list? If so, leave it there.
  • Do NOT cross them out because  you think you can’t attain them..or that you can’t attain them in 2012. That’s not what this list is about.  It’s a list of things you really want.
  • DO cross off those things that you look at and can say “I really don’t care about that” or “nah, there are many other things I’d rather do (or have)”.

2) After you’ve been over the  list and crossed out some items (maybe), then go over it and prioritize it based on what you really want (try NOT to use the word “need” – remember that your thoughts shape your world so put it in the positive – “I want”).

  • Start numbering the priorities even if you have to go back and change the numbers
  • Number the 25 most important

3) After you’ve picked the 25 most important, write this new list out on another sheet of paper.  The following would be better, though:

  • Get a bunch of index cards and put one item on a card.
  • You can use a notebook if you don’t have index cards putting one item on a single page.
  • Another cool idea is to use a rolodex and put an item on each card.

4) Once you’ve got them transferred, go over the list and start getting specific about each one.

  • This is the purpose of the individual card or page for each goal/desire. Start listing what it is exactly that you want – list the characteristics or qualities pertinent to this item.
  • This will help you eliminate some of them  – or at least help you recognize that, perhaps, they are not as high a priority as you thought.
  • If you can’t get very specific about an item after thinking about it for awhile, then it’s probably not a very high goal/desire.

5) Ultimately I would like you to pick out the top 5-15 goals/desires. Yes, this is a wide range but that’s because the way you go after each one is dependent on it’s “size” which we’ll talk about tomorrow.

Most importantly, have fun doing this!


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