Tithing Brings Definite Financial Increase

Tithing Brings Definite Financial Increase

Great stories from folks just like you on how tithing has brought them prosperity:

Maine: “I have been tithing for two years. Not only has it done wonders for my prosperity consciousness but it has loosened my grip on money so that it could grow and flow.”

I think this is an extremely important point – once you stop holding on to your money and being “tight” with it – especially if you feel you just don’t have enough” – money will not only flow out of you but it will reciprocate and come right back to you – and many times over.

Ohio: “This morning I put my tithe check in the mail. It was for $59. The postman later brought me two checks totalling $669.54. How’s that for fast action from tithing?”

Oregon: “On the same day I released my tithe check, I received $2000. Tithing DOES prosper.”

North Dakota Teenager: “I started tithing three months ago. Before that I had little income. Since my first tithes, money has come to me from every direction: First came a babysitting job. Then some friends gave me clothing. Next, my grandfather gave me almost double the amount of money he usually sends me for my birthday. Also, other lovely gifts I can use were given me. I now have a complete new wardrobe. If this can happen at sixteen, I may be a millionaire by the time I’m twenty-one.”

Europe: “When I founded my business over a year ago, I could not have imagined that within the first year I would be writing an invoice for $60,000 worth of business from just one client! I attribute my success to tithing from my business income, as well as from my personal income.”

New Mexico: “I had recently felt that life was passing me by; that I was not in the best job for me. Yet I could not see, humanly, how anything better could come, nor how I could last until it did. Nevertheless, I began to tithe in faith. After writing my first tithe check, I had only $48 left until payday.

Almost immediately I was offered a job of reporter for the local newspaper. My starting salary is $12,000 per year- far more than I was previously making. within 90 days my annual salary is due to go to $15,000, with a possibility of another raise within another 6 months. I would suggest to people in a  similar “no win” situation that they begin to put God first financially, then relax and watch what happens.”

The most important thing I take from this story is that we have to put God first. That should be our primary thought whenever we get paid or have any type of income – “what part of this is owed my business partner (God).”

California: “I released my first tithe, and three days later I sold fifteen acres in the beautiful California “high desert”. that land had been for sale for more than two years. the sale came when I released those tithes for universal good.”

Check out this story about why tithing had NOT worked for this woman in Ohio: “In the past I tithed in a haphazard manner so I received haphazard results. I became bitter and decided that tithing was not working for me. I now see it was the manner in which I tithed, and the limited state of my thinking. More recently I have begun to tithe faithfully with love and appreciation for what I have to share. Even though I began tithing only from my net income, the results were tremendous. This prompted me to begin to tithe from gross income, and from savings. I now plan to begin tithing from an annuity, tax returns, and interest earned. I am delighted with the expanded life i am now leading. This practice has enlarged my spiritual understanding as well.”

This story about tithing haphazardly gave me another analogy for people who are involved in Internet marketing. One aspect of Internet marketing is affiliate marketing. Your affiliates would not stay with you if you paid them in a haphazard manner. Think of God as an affiliate and then know that you are to pay them right on time!


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2 thoughts on “Tithing Brings Definite Financial Increase

  1. Hi,

    Is these case to case or every times ? If everytime then what is procedure ?

    These is quite amaizing, specially because i am giving thite since years and nothing happened so far. Please adivse…


  2. Hi Michel,

    Thanks for commenting!

    There are a few reasons why tithing is not working.
    1. A tithe is a tenth of your income giving to the person. persons. or religious organization where you receive spiritual help.
    2. You may not be blessing it as it goes out.
    3. The most common is not giving to the correct person or organization.
    4. You may have named the method the gift is coming back to you. (You must let the universe determine how and in what way it comes.)
    5. You count the additional benefits you receive. Such as discounts, sales, health, any unexpected gifts, someone taking you out for a meal, free transportation, etc. Recognition of universal gifts are very important to acknowledge.