Today’s Gratitude – Day 17

Welcome to day 17 of our Gratitude Month! It’s great to have so many people sharing their “gratitudes” this month. You just need to click on this post title and it will get you to the comment page.

Have you changed your habits by doing this challenge -this Gratitude Month commitment? I hope it’s influenced your life positively.

Have you been using a gratitude journal?

Share your gratitudes for today – see you tomorrow!


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18 thoughts on “Today’s Gratitude – Day 17

  1. I am grateful that my computer work properly!!
    I am grateful that my friend is great health!!
    I am grateful that I am happy and joyous today!!
    Thank you God for everything in my life!!

  2. I am grateful that once again, my doggie got me out the door (and out of bed early) to walk a mile with her although she was a bit more tired today. I am grateful that after that I was able to do 3.5 miles even though I was gimpier than I had been. But I loved being out in the dark then dawn. I am grateful that I have today off. I am grateful that I had lunch with a terrific friend yesterday. I am grateful that I got some work done last night although my motivation to do the work is a bit low…LOL

  3. I am grateful for the friends I have. I also have noticed that I am less judgemental about other people since starting this. I am thankful for everything God has given to me.

  4. I am grateful for internet connection and for power! I am grateful that I understand when I am feeling tired and need to rest. I am grateful for rest and acceptance that tomorrow is another day. I am grateful for the love of family and friends. I am grateful that I know how to sew.

  5. I’m grateful that I got to sleep in this morning – really in, until 11:30! I am grateful for the response to my Planes Of September – Ten Years Later post, it has been unexpected and wonderful. I’m grateful this is a new month beginning, with cool weather and fall in the air. I am grateful that I planned out the entire month, put things in a priority order and now know exactly, step-by-step what I need to do to accomplish this months goals. Now, if I could just relax about my first Teleseminar at the end of the month.

    • Just replace the ‘if I could’ with ‘I can’ – which is how I read it at first glance! When the time comes you will be able to give it your best because, as you have stated, you know each step you will take to achieve your goals.Best wishes.

  6. I am grateful for the loving, positive, renewing energy I take in with each breath.
    I am grateful for the love and laughter I share daily with my partner and youngest daughter. I am grateful to be able to help my daughter move house, and to mind her daughter after school. All these activities truly enrich my life.

  7. I am joyous and grateful for another wonderful day that I am living now in the abundance of our Father the Creator of our Universe. I am also full of gratitude and joy for everything that has been masterminded in wisdom within our Universe for our benefit comfort health wealth peace and every kind of goodness we decide to seek and imagine.

  8. I am grateful that my car ‘s air conditioning and radiator been repaired today.Though its more than 10 years old I am grateful that its still running well.Thank you.

  9. Am grateful no one is prepared to give me help, that makes me increase my trust in God.
    Am happy God can speak to me also in silence
    Am grateful God loves me