“Today’s Gratitude” – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of our Gratitude Month! It’s great to have so many people sharing their “gratitudes” this month. You just need to click on this post title and it will get you to the comment page.

Today think about your life and what wonderful things have happened to you as you’ve grown up through the years – whenever you’re having trouble thinking of something to be grateful for, pick one of them and you’ll open your mind up to see more good happening that day.

So go ahead and post below – see you tomorrow!


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39 thoughts on ““Today’s Gratitude” – Day 2

  1. I’m grateful for the movie “The Help” – it was a phenomenal movie – went to see it last night and have not been so “touched” in a very long time. I am also very grateful for the folks that have posted on here. I am grateful that I can copy the early sunday comments from folks onto this Day 2 post. And I just got up so there will be more later

  2. I’m filled with your love. I’m very happy. Positive pink energy flows around me. I’m grateful for that. I remember you always my love.

  3. i am grateful for the love and compassion i’m feeling towards all the homelessness i saw in vancouver’s downtown last night. i’m grateful for maggie, the 54 year old woman i befriended and the opportunity to help her, i am humbled by all the abundances in my life.

  4. I am great that the sun still rises, the rain still falls, the promise of snow many months from now is on the horizon, life, nature goes on, and I am here with my family to be as aware or unaware of it all as we choose. i am grateful for choice.

  5. I am grearful for my life experiences. They have been the foundation building blocks of my writing and career.

    • I am grateful for ALL of my life also. The “bad” is Good and the Good is God. This belif saves me from self pity and leads me back to contentment every time.
      Love and Be Well,

  6. Im gratefull for waking up today feeling very good, blue sky beautifull weather and looking forward to having breakfeast with my sis, mi nice, and my beatifull son.

  7. I am grateful for cooling rain, sun reappearing, delicious coffee, and people sharing positive thoughts and energy all over the place!

  8. I am grateful to be alive and thinking straight today, after brain surgery. I am so blessed and thankful for God sending me the help that I need to get all my affairs back in order and for getting my LTD rigthfully reinstated. Thabk you, thank you, thank you Jesus!

  9. Today I realized how grateful I am for all the things I usually take for granted.
    The washer, dryer, stove, water. I am grateful for the new ac, what a blessing it has been in this blazing heat.
    I am grateful for temps in the ’90’s, feels so much better than the triple diget numbers we have been having.


    • Barbara,
      this is a great comment. it makes us realize how important every single thing in our life is – big or small! Thanks for bringing this up.Terrie

  10. I am grateful for having a job to be able to pay my bills, and take care of my animals, also I was able to get a temporary additional part time job for the time being to help supplement my income because the bills are higher than my regular income since the death of my husband. I am also grateful for my health, I am able to do things on my own and don’t need any help. I am thankful for God’s other blessings, small and large, also.

  11. I am thankful for the goodness in people,the good ones in my life ,the strength to hang in there for when the sun does shine again,for it does,,,,,,faith,,,,keeps me going,,,,,,,

    • Am grateful for the people God has allowed into my life. They are a source of my daily happiness. Am grateful for the massage preached in Church today. God is God!

  12. I am grateful for our family’s good, and getting better, health wealth blessings and unity. Also for my being able, for one more Lord’s day, to praise and glorify (in word and in song as per Psalm 33) our omnipotent Father and Creator of the Universe for all the wonderful blessings each and every day brings to me.

  13. I’m very grateful for laughing out loud, having just watched an extremely funny movie that really lifted the stress off me.

    I’m also grateful for my friends, family and coworkers who are helping me launch the Alpha Test version of an online system I’ve been working on for over 9 years.

  14. I’m grateful for breathing in another beautiful morning,eating a nice breakfast and BEING ALIVE! Life is beautiful! BELIEVE ME.

    • Marie,
      I am so glad you’re part of the group and happy about this! We are glad to have you….Terrie

  15. I am grateful that my father came through his surgery successfully. He feels better every day. I am also grateful for a place to live and the people who provide it for me.