Today’s Gratitude – Day 21

Welcome to day 21 of our Gratitude Month! It’s great to have so many people sharing their “gratitudes” this month. You just need to click on this post title and it will get you to the comment page.

Love and gratitude make the world go around. What is intertwined in your life that you are grateful for?

Share your gratitudes for today – see you tomorrow!


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16 thoughts on “Today’s Gratitude – Day 21

  1. I am grateful for another birthday! Another opportunity to review the past year of my life and to make assessments…..Another opportunity to set new goals and to grow.

  2. I am grateful for I am delevred from bad accidents and every evil people planned against me passed over my head.
    I thank God his leadind and rulling my life.

  3. I am grateful that I woke up this morning happy as a bird even though there are many problems around me.This morning I choose to see the happy things.

  4. I am grateful that out of every trial and tribulation, I have learned something useful. I feel blessed and I am welcoming change. Have a great day.

  5. I am grateful for my health and vitality. I am grateful that it is friday! I am grateful that the day is beautiful. I am grateful for peace of mind and harmony in my family. I am grateful that I could fill the tank with gas. I am grateful that I have a big pile of wood for the winter. I am grateful for my life.

  6. I am grateful for the beautiful weather we are having!! It’s very refreshing. And for the great visit with friends last night and another great coffee morning with another great friend today!!! Especially grateful for school being back in!!!!!

  7. I am grateful for my health and the job I have. I a grateful for my family my animals and my friends.I am thankful that at my age I am stil healthy and are able to work.

  8. I am grateful for timely reminders about what really matters in this life, so I can see beyond the material/materialistic world that can be so seductive and deceptive. I am grateful for my health, my partner and family and for the ever changing beauty of the natural world.

  9. I am happy and grateful for having lived a wonderful week full of good blessings, developments, answers, and solutions for me, and for the forthcoming week that is about to begin. I expect it to be eventful productive and blessed for all of us, in in good health wealth joy and abundance. I am grateful for every blessed moment and event in my life and the lives of every one I come in contact with daily.

  10. I am grateful that My Son received two projects to work for. I am grateful for
    my Loving, Happy, Healthy son. Thank You God for all the Blessings in My
    Son’s Life.

  11. Am grateful God loves me so much.
    He revealed through dreams to redeem me, am grateful.
    Am grateful i can move around even though the body feels weak.