Today’s Gratitude – Day 28

Welcome to day 28 of our Gratitude Month! It’s great to have so many people sharing their “gratitudes” this month. You just need to click on this post title and it will get you to the comment page.

You’ve begun to master one of the most important of the Universal laws – even more important than the Law of Attraction because it increases the power of the Law of Attraction.

Share your gratitudes for today – see you tomorrow!


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13 thoughts on “Today’s Gratitude – Day 28

  1. I am grateful for the Divine Order and Divine Harmony in all of my business dealings and also for the Divine Order and Divine Harmony in my family dealings. I am grateful for the good energy that permeates the Universere. I am grateful for a very good business day. I am grateful that the weather is so pleasant. I am grateful for my Divine Plan, when I think of it during the day it infuses all that I do with joy and peace. I am grateful for my son’s safe return after a long business trip. I am grateful for Claudio and his company.

  2. I am grateful for loving healthy life
    I am grateful for house food expenses manifesting in time.
    I am grateful for kids school
    I am grateful for friends who love and support us
    I am grateful helpful loving family
    I am grateful fresh air and clear sky

  3. Am grateful the Angels woke me up at dawn to talk to God in prayer.
    Am grateful i woke up healthy today.
    Am grateful there is a promise of one day job that could afford us a day,s meal

  4. I grateful today for the sun that shines so brightly on me and others each and every day. I am grateful for the love of family and friends. I am grateful for the multiple streams of income that come to me in expected and unexpected ways.

  5. I am grateful and full of joy for receiving, from a respected Christian MD, professional and of the highest level of consciousness, a precious compliment about me, which I will treasure and remember for ever. Grateful for the precious immediate and extended family members in my life. Grateful for the many valuable ideas and benefits that I have gained by remaining in contact with this wonderful and full of love and genuine care for all website, Getting Unstuck.
    Grateful for keeping my wellness intact and for overcoming in one evening a serious (perceived) health problem. My immense gratitude for my continuously increasing ability to attract and materialize effortlessly wonderful things in my life,
    and the life of my loved ones, directly out of the abundance of our omnipotent and
    all loving God, the the Father and creator of the Universe with everything within it

  6. Even though I’m late posting I’m grateful that Friday I got up later than usual, took Jackie for a walk and took my time and did NOT go to work extra early like I have been. I am grateful that we had RAIN!!!! It was a downpour for an hour or so and then stopped but it was RAIN – yeah! I am also grateful I had a migraine because that was the indication that it was going to or had rained. I am grateful that I got to see my God son – a 4 1/2 month old St Bernard who now weighs about 50 pounds! He is so cute and rambunctious. I am grateful the Yankees are on the East Coast again and I can watch and listen to the games!