Today’s Gratitude – Day 6

Welcome to day 6 of our Gratitude Month! It’s great to have so many people sharing their “gratitudes” this month. You just need to click on this post title and it will get you to the comment page.

Today think about everything – did you get a green light yesterday? Did your children make you smile? Did you find a good parking place? Did you hear from someone special?

Share your gratitudes for today – see you tomorrow!


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22 thoughts on “Today’s Gratitude – Day 6

  1. I am grateful for a brand new day. I am grateful for my heart’s desires. I am grateful that every person I meet is a channel for my greatest good.

  2. I am grateful that my dysequilibrium is better. I am grateful that I finally caught my sneaky dog who tried to get out taking her pill again. I am grateful that although we will be having 112 degree weather this weekend, we will not be in Hurricane irene’s path even though we need rain we do not need the destruction. I am grateful that I was able to resolve an issue at work yesterday that has significant impact on our computer project.

  3. I am grateful for getting food delivered to the complex for everyone to enjoy and be fed, every Wednesday. There is more than enough abundance of food for all to share and to have some for spare.

  4. I am grateful that the worst thing I have that I get upset about with my 16 year old daughter is that she misses the bus once in a while. I am grateful that we can communicate effectively, sincerely and with open hearts.

  5. I am grateful that today is our 38th anniversary. Since we have lived together and worked together that entire time I figure it should be our 76th. anniversary. We are not doing anything special – we are too tired!

  6. I am grateful to see another. I am grateful that my friends lives are sorting out. I am grateful to have a GREAT support system.

  7. I am grateful to see another day. I am grateful that my friends lives are sorting out. I am grateful to have a GREAT support system.

  8. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this ‘community of gratitude’ and read the variety of responses! It gives me a wider perspective on this human experience on a day when I’m feeling a little flat and and disconnected. I’m grateful that I have the power to move beyond this temporary low and be a more positive, inspired being.

  9. I am grateful for the small amount of rain we had today. Every little big helps so it was alot of fun getting wet!

  10. I am grateful that I have my EFT session today. Hadn’t had one in weeks and I really need it. Also grateful that one of the guys I work with got me lunch today and later he got news he got promoted. Congratulations John!

  11. I am grateful for a wonderful morning and a blessed day today. I feel great & grateful to be able to offer goodness to others. I see myself as unique though essentially the same as all other beings and forms of life on Earth . Things are looking good all day long and I am manifesting answers to a lot of my daily wishes.

  12. I am thankful today for being in this group, and getting the daily emails, which actually make me think about the things happening in my life I am grateful for.
    I am working a 2nd part-time job 4 days a weeks where I get paid at the end of each day in cash. When I got paid on Monday, I just stuck the money in my pants pocket. When I went to the store yesterday I was missing it in my wallet and I thought I either spent it or lost it somehow. I forgot where I originally put it. Either old age or too much work, I guess contributes to this forgetfulness. When I was washing clothes tonight, I emptied all the pockets and found the $50 I put in on Monday. So I was a very happy camper today.

  13. Am grateful to God for bringing me this far in life. I thank God for even the pain in my life. What a loving God that that we have who forgives our sins.