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tuesdays-with-terrie-croppedI’m home! See – everything DOES work out for me.

Although there are plenty of places I would rather be, this was one of THE most enjoyable hospital experiences I have ever had (no I am not a masochist, just reporting what I experienced).  I had the best care (shame on the Navy – Army medicine here in San Antonio certainly has Navy medicine beat) you could ever ask for. And I had friends to take care of me and be by my side even when I didn’t know they were there – that was a funny part of the story better kept to telling in person.

The EFT work I did with Mary Ayers  before hand was instrumental in my getting out of the hospital in less than 72 hours from the end of my surgery. I just kept using the techniques that Mary went through with me and whenever I was having concerns or worries, I turned to what she taught me and it worked. I highly recommend both EFT AND Mary to anyone who wants to work with an EFT coach. This has just solidified my faith in coaching and the benefit working with another person who is on your side will give you. I would not have made it through with so little anxiety without Mary! I owe her so very much for working with me on this.

That is the primary lesson for this week – find a coach and hold on to them although there may be times when you have to move on to a different coach. People change but the usefulness of a coach is always positive. A “coach” is a vehicle that helps you get from one place to another – a place of your choosing. You can look at a coach as a sounding board or as a guide or even just a friend. A coach is probably the most valuable resource you can have.

From the weather to my arrival home, everything went according to plan! And whether it was my plan or that of the Universe, I can tell you I was very happy with the plan and its results. The weather was supposed to be a mess – a rIMG_2320are winter weather advisory with icy roads was predicted. Did any of that happen? Heck no. It wasn’t even rainy. My friend cruised right up to the hospital and let me out and I went to the waiting room. I guess if there was any “hitch” at all, it would have been that there was a very, very long delay before I went into the operating room. I knew it would be later than I wanted since I was third on the schedule but I didn’t know it would be that late…and there was no way to get messages to people out of state who were waiting to hear what happened.  But I had great company while waiting (my boss was there the whole time – what a wonderful gesture that was and the staff was great). the Anesthesia crew listened to my concerns about my neck and not wanting to have nausea when I woke up and they succeeded in preventing all of those problems.  The surgical staff was wonderful and kept stopping by to fill me in on the progress in the room and then I went in.

I don’t remember much after that until sometime the next day but I know that people were there and they were my advocates while I was under the “influence” so I was in great hands no matter what.

IMG_2322My pain was pretty minimal and for that I was extremely grateful. I have restrictions that I don’t like (so what else is new huh, when someone else tells me what to do – ha ha). But you know what? I AM going to do what I am told and I am going to find the good in every part of it. I can’t run for 4-6 weeks but I can walk which is more than I expected so I am ecstatic. I can also rest and one thing I realized is that I cannot remember the last time I actually took some time to rest. That feels pretty good. I may even take all the time off work that we planned. That would be unusual, wouldn’t it? But I think it would be delightful.

There are some problems post-operatively that I’m not overly happy about but I’m not going to obsess over them too much, knowing that nothing is insurmountable and I will continue to work with EFT (and hopefully Mary will want to continue to work with m) on them. I am going to use this time to get rested and ready for Vol State this summer but I am also aware of how I messed up my training last year thinking I had to get “it all done” in a short period of time, over trained and got injured to start the run…the perfect recipe for disaster.

If you declare everything good, work to minimize the anticipatory anxiety as much as you can, know what to do when you encounter further anxiety, treat people with gratitude, courtesy and respect no matter what happens and know that you have so much to give to others, NOTHING can go wrong for you.

I thank everyone for their support and concern and hope that you continue to send healing prayers to me as my body works on its molecular level to heal!


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