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tuesdays-with-terrie-croppedI’m feeling stronger every day but am still having post-op issues which I am choosing to see as lessons that the Universe has sent me and I’ve refused to look at before. I think we all are like that and don’t really pay much attention to these messages until they smack you in the face. It behooves us to listen and learn earlier on rather than waiting for that smack. Oh well.

I make bone broth (good for immunity) in batches and put them in very large mason jars. Then when I’m ready to start to use that batch I have to remove the layer of hardened fat at the top (not as gross as it sounds).  If there is a thick layer (like all our limit beliefs), first I have to recognize that I don’t want this part of the package (identifying the limiting beliefs thatIMG_2329 are, well, “limiting”), then I have to cut through it (recognizing that a belief is a thought I just keep thinking over and over again) followed by removal of the lard to uncover the beautiful and healthy broth underneath (letting the real you come through and cultivating UNlimiting beliefs).

By now, you’re thinking that I need to see a psychiatrist or be locked up I’m sure. But it really is just like identifying and undoing your limiting beliefs.

This morning when I started a new batch, the lard layer was very deep and it took more effort to cut through it and I had to make more slices than the usual 4. I had to cut it more like a pie (or a pizza – yum). That took more effort to get through (those beliefs we’ve been harboring since childhood). Then when the cuts were made, I was having difficulty getting the pieces out because of the rounded shape to the bottle (sometimes we just give up trying to change our beliefs when we find it too hard to even break through. We give up when we can’t find a way to make any progress. Even when we’re trying to dig deep to get under the lard (belief), it seems as if there is a wall there and there is no way to remove this stuff (belief).

IMG_2330But then all of a sudden, you’ve manipulated the stuff around and around and finally you get a small piece out (you see some changes in your repetitive thoughts). Once that first piece is out, the foundation is rocked and you can now proceed to remove the rest more rapidly. It almost seems easy at that point and you wonder why it took so long or seemed so hard (you now are having an easy time with your new thoughts/beliefs).

When I recognized this metaphor/analogy/whatever (I always get them confused) this morning, I knew that this was a turning point, not only for people I work with on their limiting beliefs but also for myself.  The initial frustration made things more difficult – I was pushing against resistance to try to get big pieces out with one attempt. That ended up taking more time than if I had just worked to get a small piece removed and gradually continued with my progress. I think we try to bite off more than we can chew (or remove) and then we’re upset when we can’t get it all out (get to the goal – the ultimate destination) “real soon”. It takes patience and we really do need to slow down.

“Slow down” has become my mantra after this experience as you’ve seen in other posts and will continue to see. I’ve missed so much of life going after the destination and trying to remove all the lard at once. Now I’m going to not fight, not meet the resistance with force but with relaxation and gentleness and see what happens. So what that I can’t go to the 100 mile race this coming weekend – the one I was so happy to have finally gotten into? Will my world end? Heck no. So what if I still can’t run for a few more weeks? What else can I do to substitute for that? Many things. I have a wonderful life and just want to give to others in whatever way I can. That is my journey.

I know I rambled a lot today but I’ve learned so much just from this one jar of bone broth! Who knew?



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3 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Terrie

  1. I can relate to today’s message. Maybe it’ the way wr’re brainwashed into believing by TV, but I also learned the hard way — dessert isn’t the first course.