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tuesdays-with-terrie-croppedSeparation Anxiety – that’s the best way to describe it. A certain group of readers will understand this completely..ha ha.

It’s now been over a month since I’ve been able to/allowed to run. Even though I am allowed to walk, it’s just not the same. Every day I walk by my Garmin wrist device and I have to stop and talk to it so it doesn’t feel lonely. It just sits there wanting to jump onto my wrist and go out and play with me. But, it sees me walk away – it feels snubbed. Who ever thought a device could feel snubbed? But I swear it does. I just hope I remember how to operate it when I’m allowed to run again.

However, I must admit that I have found pleasure in walking for the past several weeks. Knowing I am not allowed to run has enabled me to not worry about my performance but to just enjoy being outside in the gorgeous weather we’re having here in Texas (sorry East Coast). It’s making me long for my Tennessee trek in July. And definitely making me long for the day (1 1/2-2 weeks away still) when I can just take off and run!

I’m back at work now (yesterday was the first day) and still working through some post-op issues but I “think” they are improving (I can’t ever tell until a few days have gone by because my system is so funky). I was wiped out by noon though so fortunately my great boss let me leave early. I think I will do that again today and tomorrow probably – easing my way back into the full swing of things. More of the “taking it slow” concept.

It was good to see everyone again and fortunately we are pending a major crisis at work so that occupied my mind for quite a while – I do much better with an occupied mind rather than having to just dive right back into the boring aspects of my job.

Learning that the world continued to revolve just fine without me was interesting. A few years ago (and maybe even just a year ago) that would have bothered me and I would have felt unneeded. But, this time, it’s part of embracing the journey. I was proud of the guys who took over for me and did a fine job. I  know that they have learned well and know exactly what to do! That felt great too.

I will continue with my “slow down” theme for the month leading into April and encourage you to embrace the concept as well.  There is so much more that we can get out of life if we just slow down and take our time.

Take your time, enjoy your life, you never know what the next moment will bring. Really try to figure out what “enjoy the moment” means to you. Then just do it.


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