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tuesdays-with-terrie-croppedCOMING SOON!! That’s the best way I can describe this week – I feel as if the Academy Awards show is Friday and I’m the star…ha  ha – no such luck.  But in my defense I did say I “feel”. So I can do anything I want inside my head and heart.

Ok so I’ll get to the point – this Friday I can RUN AGAIN – hope I remember how…

It will be six weeks and my “prison sentence” will be over. I’m just kidding. It’s been a good “sentence” and I’m not complaining. I’ve learned a lot and done a lot in that time that I couldn’t run. It’s actually been closer to 3 months since I could really do anything serious because my back was injured before the surgery. So it will be very interesting to see how I do. I know that my running leg muscles are well rested even though I’ve been able to walk as much as I wanted. See – there are silver linings in all of those clouds. It’s just up to us to fly our own airplanes up and through the clouds to see those linings.

I’ve learned a great deal about myself and even developed some patience and different perspective in these 6 weeks. Lots has happened in my life and in the lives of friends so running can be put in its proper place. It’s very important to me but I now have a much better idea of how and why.

I also realized that I’m very powerful because I’m sure that I created this medical problem requiring surgery to get out of two events I was not prepared for. I really do have to learn to pay more attention to my thoughts and change them immediately. This is the second time I’ve done something significant like this in the context of a running event. The first time, though, I was able to remove it/correct it quickly. This time not so lucky. Oh well. I am glad I’m powerful but as I keep telling everyone, once you’re aware of the Law of Attraction and how you create everything in your life, you have increased responsibility to behave properly. I know better and yet it’s my subconscious that does all this. Argh…I will pay more attention.

Anyway, I’m so happy Friday is almost here. Even my messed up second external monitor can’t take away from my happiness about that. Thank you Universe for everything I’ve learned in the past 6 weeks!


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