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tuesdays-with-terrie-croppedIt’s been a few weeks but things were not going as well as I’d like (plus I was busy as the dickens with work) so I wanted to work through those things before I posted.

I finally feel like my energy is returning from the surgery. It took much longer than I expected which is probably a function of both the type of surgery and my age (nah!) but at least I’m feeling stronger.

I had started trying to run but was not happy at all and in fact, was downright discouraged because I felt worse than when I first started running in 1994. I had no endurance and everything hurt. And then….something unusual developed in my ankle – I got some sort of bursitis in the heel – very unusual for me.  I couldn’t run OR walk. So that was a big downer too.

As a result, I had to ask myself what the Universe was trying to tell me. Was it that I wasn’t going to be able to run anymore or that I wasn’t going to be able to do the Tennessee event in July (running out of time) or even that I needed to revisit my purpose in life? Many questions, no answers.

So, I just relaxed and let the answers come. One answer was that it was NOT too late to consider Tennessee but that I shouldn’t fall into the trap I did last year and try to do too much in too short a time and then violate all the training laws I had ever learned – thus, leading to my injury and early pull out. That answer was very helpful.

Also, I was feeling discouraged but realized that I had control over my feelings no matter what the external circumstances were. I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and realized that my life was NOT dependent on running and that even though I love it very much, if I can’t run, there are many other things I can (and want to) do. Building my coaching program is a major part of my life especially since I’m so immersed in the course I’m taking right now. Also, finishing my book is very important to me. I showed myself how rich and rewarding my life is whether I’m out there on the road or not. It’s ok to take the time to let my ankle heal (no pun intended). If I don’t make it to Tennessee this year, there is next year.

Bottom line, just relax and let the Universe unfold in front of me, holding the positive things that I want to do with my life in the front of my mind, not concentrating on the negatives, or worse yet, the ‘possibles’.  As Mark Twain said –

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

The last thing I want is for those worries TO HAPPEN in my life and being so good at attracting events into my life, I do NOT want to concentrate on any of the worries. I want to focus on all the great stuff that I desire.

One of the activities that is helping with this is my making a desire inventory. I’m listing all the things I desire in life without regard to how or when they might happen. For example, if I wanted a 15 million dollar house (which I don’t but I saw this online last night) I would write it down despite the fact that I have absolutely no idea how I would get it. The point is to put down everything that would make me happy and that I would love in my life.

Try it..it will take awhile especially since you’ll have to get rid of some of these blocks before you can get everything out. But it will be a liberating exercise for you. It will get you out of the confined space where you are right now.

Have a great week!


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5 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Terrie

  1. The “Law of Attraction” says we can have what we think about. Why do we spend so much time thinking about what we DON’T want?

  2. Terrie,
    I’m glad to see your website back. Great thoughts here. I really enjoyed reading them. You are a great inspiration to me. Thank you for being my friend.

    • Janet,
      My site is back up because you let me know there was a problem and fortunately once notified, my webmaster fixed it. You are an inspiration to me as well, my friend. You are so very special! Thanks for reading my blog.