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tuesdays-with-terrie-croppedWell, well, well….it’s now been 9 days that I’ve been unable to do anything exercise wise.
Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper. So, what the heck could I write about that would be beneficial to everyone as a result of this event?

There really is always a silver lining however. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Brief background for those who haven’t heard my whining (ha ha). Last Sunday morning while trying to “install” a device that is intended to help my back (a desk extension that elevates the desk top so you don’t sit all day long – not good for your system), my short stature allowed me to only go so far in the lifting attempt. Then I heard and felt a vertebrae move in my back. Since then, well, you can just imagine.

Here’s the good that came from it:

  •  I wasn’t feeling great Monday but had to go to work for a going away luncheon and left work early to go home and go to bed. But instead, I was leaving at exactly the right time to be able to take a detour and help a very good friend get through something that was very painful. If I hadn’t been hurt and leaving early, then I would not have been able to be there! How cool is that?
  •  I have been standing pretty much constantly both at work and home. This has helped increase the time on my feet which should eventually help my endurance (it’s all about time on your feet) when I can get back to running.
  •  I have found that standing helps your entire gastrointestinal process, something which I had been having problems with. The standing has allowed this amazing human body I have to do what it’s supposed to do (we were NOT created to sit so much). That was a very welcome benefit to all this.
  •  I’ve gotten to see two people I hadn’t seen in about 7 months – my AIRROSTI and my Acupuncture providers. They are not only medical practitioners but also very good friends and it was wonderful to see them.
  •  I remembered (finally) my proteolytic enzymes and started taking them and am starting to feel better.
  •  Not being able to run or do other exercise has given me the time to spend studying my coaching course which is very time intensive.
  •  Not being able to run has shown me how important running is to me.
  •  Posting once on Facebook about my withdrawal problems has resulted in an outpouring of support which I greatly appreciate.
  •  Most importantly, I did NOT revert to my past performance matrix of going to work to get more done to “catch up” since I can’t run or do much of anything else. It took me a long time and intense work to get out of that habit.
  •  This has forced me to work standing up and I am liking it.

I’m sure there are other positives (silver linings) but this is enough to give you the idea. If you look for the good, it is there. Sometimes we’re looking for major things and we miss the little ones. In my experience it’s the little things that ad up to the major ones!

Hope this helps you look at things differently in your life.


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