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tuesdays-with-terrie-croppedThis is a new series and will not necessarily be every week but when I have something that reflects what I teach here I have to share it.

You may remember that 1 1/2 years ago when I was worried and scared about doing my second 100 miler in just 6 weeks, I created and then got rid of low back pain. That showed me my power at that time…however, I obviously forgot that lesson.

I am scheduled to do a 100 mile event in Las Vegas over Valentine’s Day weekend. But since I’ve been trying this “Whole30” (http://www.Whole30.com ) program and my body has been switching to a “Fat burning” mode (no, not for weight loss but to get rid of my addiction to sugar), I have felt like my body had no endurance. Since the 30 days won’t be over until the day before the race, I’ve been questioning whether or not to do it (the race, not the program although I should have planned that one better too). So, the worry and concern (translate that into equaling FEAR) were there in my subconscious mind, marinading like a luscious meal.

This is actually very ironic/funny – Sunday I finally decided that I would implement this strategy for imroving your back health. I had a Varidesk that I bought over 8 months ago but never figured out how to really make it work. But Sunday I was determined!

I am pretty strong and it didn’t seem that heavy. But when I tried to move it from its storage place to my desk, I had to slide it on the tile. Not so bad. But then I had to lift it up onto the desk. I’m so short that when I got it to the desk level, it wasn’t going any further. I tried again. This time as I gave it my all, I felt my vertebrae move in my back. Down went the object and I just stood there wondering if I had done significant damage. When the dizziness passed, I realized I was not paralyzed but that I had hurt my back. As the day went on, the pain continued and increased. Etc…typical back pain scenario. Nothing special here.

What’s the lesson here? Even injuries can be brought on via the Law of Attraction. People tend to think that because it’s an injury, caused by an external event (“how can that be something I created?”) there’s no way you can attract it.

Let me ask you this – why did I decide on this particular Sunday, just two weeks from my event, to change my setup. Why not a month from now, why not a month ago?

My answer – because I wasn’t so focused on this race a month ago like I have been for the past 1 1/2 weeks since I felt my training had gone to pot.

I have to turn this around because there are upcoming events that are really important to me. Last year my fear (and stupidity in not following all the training rules I had ever learned) led to the back problem that interfered with my trek across Tennessee.

How am I going to turn it around? By using a variety of means. EFT, journaling and visualization as the primary means.

You might ask if I shouldn’t wait until my back is “healed” before I start all of that? The answer is a resounding “no”! The key is to identify what you have attracted into your life as quickly as possible and then take action to correct that. I almost immediately realized what I had done and so was able to start working on it Sunday. I am constantly amazed at the power of EFT to assist with, not only pain, but also the issues behind that pain. So, that is going to be my primary focus. What is it that’s going on deep inside that I keep repeating this pattern?

Stay tuned for those answers though.

Just remember that we attract EVERYTHING in our lives even if it seems ludicrous. Go deep – that’s my new motto – go deep within and you’ll eventually find the answers. Sometimes we have to be beat over the head to figure out the why and how but it’s there. I guarantee you.

Til next time….I hope this has helped you realize that all of us are subject to the same laws, even those of us who have studied and “worked” the laws for years.


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2 thoughts on “Tuesdays Wtih Terrie

  1. I saw something yesterday and didn’t know where it would fit but I found it very true. We have no trouble affirming our belief in sickness, disease, the flu, colds etc. but we can’t find it in ourselves to affirm our belief in health and wellness. Maybe it’s because it’s awfully hard to get sympathy and attention when we tell people how great we feel.

    • Interesting Jerry,
      I have actually found the exact opposite. That people will admit when they receive wonderful gifts from the Universe but they can’t take responsibility for things that aren’t so good or what they think they would never ‘wish’ for..then it’s easier to put the onus (aka blame) external influences.