Two Valuable Lessons Here……

I have to discuss this story because it’s hit me with such force at work.

I sometimes live under a rock so this was complete news to me. However, there are two lessons in this:

1) Never Ever judge a book by its cover

2) Never give up

I can’t embed the video because of YouTube rules but here’s the link you should
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target=”_blank”>hop on over and watch this video.

This is about the woman in the UK’s “Britain’s Got Talent” version of American Idol.

Susan Boyle is 47 years old, unemployed (but a charity worker) and “never been kissed”.

Her dream has always been to be a professional singer.

People laughed (including the judges) when she just walked out on the stage on Britain’s Got Talent. There were snickers when she told them of her dream. I have to tell you that that really irritates me whenever I see it and I’ll go on more about that later.

But then she opened her mouth and let loose. This woman, after that one song, has changed her life forever and if people stop to think about it, she has changed others lives dramatically as well.

She said she was aware of their snickers but figured she just had to continue on with her dream.

This video brought tears to my eyes because she just went out and “she showed them” – all those who judge people by their looks. I get so disgusted with people who do that.

But she never gave up. And to all those people who were laughing at her and criticizing her I simply say “I haven’t seen you on CNN, Good Morning America, or Larry King Live.”

At work, several of the men I work with with were talking about it and every single time they mentioned it, they would say how “ugly” she was. I couldn’t take it any more and when one of them said “she’s so ugly” I butted in (we do that in our office) and said “have you looked in the mirror lately”.

Why do people have to do that? Why can’t they accept people for what they are. As Susan said “that’s just one side of me”.

She never gave up. Take heart in both these lessons and continue to cheer her on.



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