Use Gratitude To Increase Your Success

The law of gratitude is probably the most important and maybe even the most overlooked law of all the universal laws. If you want to succeed and you want to make the law of attraction work you must understand the law gratitude.

You have to align yourself with the good out there in order to bring it closer to you. In order to align yourself you must constantly think of the good things in your life. Keep your mind focused on all that is coming to you even if it hasn’t presented itself in a material form yet. It’s a process of mental adjustment to the idea that that you can achieve and receive all the good that you possibly desire. Thoughts are things. There is this formless substance that’s out there in the universe. Your thoughts are what modifies that formless substance and brings you what you have told the Universe you desire.

Gratitude will bring your mind into greater harmony with the creative energies of the universe. If you are always grateful, the Universe will start giving you everything that you desire.

I recommend that you write in a gratitude journal on a daily basis. Why? This will help train you to be thankful for everything in your life. There are many stories about people who made a goal list and six or eight months later they’re still complaining that nothing has happened to achiev their goals. But if you asked them to get their list out and then compare it to things that have happened in their lives, they will be amazed at the number of things actually have been accomplished. It’s human nature that we don’t remember everything which is why it’s important to write things down. How small is this? I write everything down and when my TV is broken, instead of being upset about that, I was grateful that I was able to watch the baseball games on my computer. Nine or Ten years ago I wasn’t able to do that. It’s small to many people but I give thanks for that capability because I want to express as much true gratitude as I can. I know that the Universe will then “power up” to bring more things that I will be grateful for.

Without gratitude you cannot keep from being dissatisfied with things as they are. You have to have a constant flow of gratitude in your life. Remember that the creative power within us makes us into the image of that we give our attention to.

Here’s an action step for you. Download this The Getting Unstuck, LLC Gratitude Journal. It’s very easy to use. It has a sticky function that will keep it posted on your desktop at all times. That way whenever something pops into your mind as things tend to do you can immediately go to the sticky jot down what you’re grateful for and it will be transformed into your gratitude journal. This is my gift to the universe and I hope you enjoy it and most of all I hope you use it because gratitude and the perpetual use of gratitude will bring you everything you want in life. It’s important that you don’t just use gratitude when it’s convenient for you or when things are going well. It’s important that you use gratitude all the time. Learn to discipline yourself and set aside a “Gratitude Time”. Gratitude will increase your faith. Increasing your faith will bring you the best of all there is.

Thank you for reading this! I am very grateful for your support.


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