Law of Attraction – Rule #8 – Don’t Operate In A Vacuum

rule 8 aOne of the most important parts of working with the Law of Attraction is to surround yourself with resources (people primarily) who will support you and get you to wherever you want to go.

You’ve seen me talk about this in my multiple posts about my 2012-2013 running escapades. I certainly could NOT have done any of it had I remained in a vacuum and tried to do it all on my own. Maybe it’s because of my age or maybe it’s because I got wiser but I realized that I had to surround myself with a team in order to achieve my best.

You all know that completing a 100 mile event had been a 15 year goal for me. Back then I did solicit the help of a long distance coach for awhile and that helped quite a bit but for some reason I can’t remember much about what happened that I stopped pursuing my goal. But I do know that on my Ultra attempts in the past I was all alone. I did not have a crew, support or really anyone to share anything with. That is a very lonely feeling, especially when you want to celebrate your successes or cry when you tried hard but didn’t succeed. I do remember stopping at mile 38 at the Vermont 100 miler. If I had had someone there with me I might have just stopped for awhile until my digestion got back on track and then continued on. I don’t know. But I do know that it was a lonely day after I quit.

Being 15 years wiser and having worked for all those years with the law of attraction, I was able to draw people and situations to me but when I started attracting my support team there was no way a 100 mile event was in my iStock_000016837338XSmallmind. In fact, when I first started down this road, I was not even running again even though I had always wanted to get back into it. I had finally gotten the courage to go look for a personal trainer to see if I could get rid of some upper back pain which had been keeping me from even walking for long periods of time. I felt that if I strengthened my core, then that pain would disappear. I fell in love with my personal trainer (friendship type love – he’s engaged). I began to get stronger and stronger and felt really good too.

I had already had been working with an EFT practitioner and that was extremely beneficial. Since I was releasing and clearing so much from my past, I knew I needed to continue with this miraculous woman. She helped me in every aspect of my life, no matter what it was that I needed.

Then I got the courage to start running again (August 2011) – I didn’t tell anyone of course. Then I ran my first race in November 2011 – it was a 5K. I did poorly in comparison to everyone else but it was great for me because I had gotten out there in front of the world and that was the first step. By then I had decided I was going to try to get ready for the 2012 New York City Marathon. So my training began. I went at it heavy. I needed mental and physical support and by that time I was able to get it from my trainer and from my EFT practitioner.

As time went on I realized I needed more support. I began having physical issues and knew that they weren’t going to be taken care of by anyone in the strictly medical field. My trainer came to the rescue again. I started working with my AIRROSTI provider. This has become my mainstay and this woman has enabled me to do everything I wanted to do.

My boss and colleagues also became supportive of me and I really needed that support.

Then I was able to attract a woman who was a local race director (and I had no idea this organization even existed) and she gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals. She became a valuable member of my team and then the other runners I met during the Nov/Dec 2012 time frame were key members of my team too.

So you can see how much of a support team I had surrounded myself with. There is no way I could have achieved any of the goals I created without this entire team. But as usual with me, they all came into my life for various reasons unrelated to their ultimate use. I consider my trainer to be my personal coach, not just my personal trainer. This man is so smart and knowledgeable about life that he has taught me and cheered me on and helped me learn so much about myself and about my abilities. Same with my EFT provider. Kay has opened doors for me that I had slammed shut so many years ago. Once they were opened up through Kay, Dan helped me get through them.

You just cannot do it on your own. You have to have people that will help you. Get rid of your pride and get rid of the thought that you “can do it all on your own.” You can’t do it as well (or with as much fun) unless you have people providing what you can’t. That’s where the pride factor comes in because you have to realize you cannot do everything on your own.

Remember that the Universe abhors a vacuum and you want to fill it in with the right people (or other resources such as my gym membership, or finding my EFT practitioner online). Let the Law of Attraction bring the people you need into your life!

Don’t operate in a vacuum.



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