We Are Where We Are Through a Series of Choices

doors_of_opportunity_400_clr_6555aWe often hear folks talk about how things happen “to them”. But, in reality, we have “asked” for everything that’s shown up in our lives. That’s how the Law of Attraction works. It works the same way whether we’re aware of it or not. We do have the ability to create the life we want. And, in fact, we have created everything in our lives. That’s hard to stomach in many ways because people will inevitably say “I didn’t ask for that illness or injury. How come it happened to me?” You can choose to move, to stand still, to bend and sway or be rigid. You can choose to harbor resentments, anger, hatred or you can choose to embrace love, forgiveness, happiness and joy. I have gotten to the point where I cringe whenever I read/hear the word “hate”. That is such a very strong and powerful word. It indicates how intense your feelings are about whatever it is you’re hating. To me, that’s a very difficult point to get to. I used to use that word a great deal and then I started to pay attention to how it made me feel when I said it. It actually gives me a funny feeling and almost the “shakes”. Once I realized that reaction, I knew that was a sign that it was a very destructive emotion for me. So, I avoid it wherever possible. I also try to examine my soul for feelings of resentment. Resentment, in our opinion, harbors the cells that grow beyond belief and eat the rest of the cells in the body. You can tell that’s a mechanism of action when you hear many people say “that’s really eating me.”  When you continually harbor these bad feelings and thoughts, you stuff them down inside (so they all can fit) and they get bundled up and more resentments are piled on top. This becomes a “mass” and it is not a useful mass. One resentment and bitter feeling feeds on another.

Try to go through your life’s inventory and see if you’re harboring any resentment or bitterness towards anyone or anything. Write down things that bother you. How often do you use words like “hate” or “despise”? Write them down. then ask yourself if they mean what they did when you first developed them? If they have increased in intensity, your “mass” is increasing and you want to make sure you make a conscious choice to improve your feelings.

Think back as far as you can and see if you can identify each individual choice you made that got you were you are today. Play the “what if” game and see what would have happened in your life if things had gone this way or that.

Once you’ve written them all down, see what choices you are currently making but don’t even think about. Then determine if these are choices you want to continue making. If not, decide what you want. I choose health, I choose happiness, I choose peace of mind, etc. Once you’ve made these general choices, you can refine them into specific choices. For example under “I choose health” you might have I choose to stop eating processed foods or something similar (maybe just that you’ll eat out less often – you can start small). Just be aware that you can make a choice and should make a choice to be in control of how you feel and think.

Don’t get angry about this. It’s the way the law works and it’s a good thing too because you DO have control over your own life even if right now you don’t feel that way.  You can choose to feel cruddy about something or you can choose to look at other areas of your life and be grateful.


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2 thoughts on “We Are Where We Are Through a Series of Choices

  1. Hate is strange word. In order to hate someone you have to have enough respect for them
    to devote the time and energy hatred entails. I have found that when I dislike someone
    enough to want to hate them I don’t usually have an ounce of respect for them anyway.

    • Good points Jerry. For me it’s all about the feeling or sensations I get in my “gut” when I use or think of that word. I imagine other words create similar feelings in others. Thanks for commenting. I think you pointed out a very interesting aspect re: respect.