What a great week – Making things happen AND Seeding Financial Freedom

What a phenomenal week we had! And the support from all of you made it even better. We were very busy (but not as busy as we’ll be when we get ready to launch the membership site – guess I need to stock up on my sleep nowA lot of work. ).

We finished the four week series on The Art of Making Things Happen which was terrific and gave people a typical E.S.P. method that Anne is famous for – no, not the ESP you’re used to but our E.S.P. – Easy, Simple, Practical! This method will get you going in any direction you desire.

Last Tuesday was such a treat! We had our inaugural guest speaker for Everyday New Thought Community Membership site. Reverend Lippert is an amazing speaker who practices what she (and we) preach and last week she gave everyone a lesson on Seeding Your Way to Financial Freedom. Although there were technical difficulties on the webcast, everyone was so supportive and most hopped on over to the phone.

Because it was so good, I decided that we should offer the replay to everyone. So…if you’re interested, here it is. When you’re done listening you could benefit everyone by providing some feedback on our feedback page (just click on the words “feedback page”). I know that Reverend Lippert would love to hear what you thought.

Here’s the replay:


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One thought on “What a great week – Making things happen AND Seeding Financial Freedom

  1. One of the most inspirational talks I’ve happened to come across in a long time. The principles are ones that most will have come across before, however, Reverend Lippert enlightens the listeners with insights into the actual workings of the laws in question. She explains why things may not have worked for some people, those that have not fully understood the way in which they should be applied. It seems many of us have been missing the point for many years, even after having read many of the books on the subject. She goes on to explain how making a slight adjustment to how one approaches the techniques, results can be achieved.

    If this speech were to be made available on DVD, I truly believe it would be a best seller, and would achieve similar success to that of "The Secret". I think it would be a gift to mankind, and it would also promote the International New Thought Alliance around the world.


    PS. For information about how Rhonda Byrne was able to market "The Secret" on http://www.Amazon.com see "Beyond the Secret" by Alexandra Bruce.