What Are You Giving Life To?

What Are You Giving Life To?

Do you really understand that you are where you are because you created the life you have? I know that’s hard for many people to accept but you have the power, you have the control and you have the ability to create things.

Since you have this power, why not harness the power in a positive way and produce what you want. “The Art of Making Things Happen” is your study guide, your handbook for creating everything you want.

Scientists tell us that everything, visible and invisible, is energy. This energy permeates the Universe. We can clearly see this in our physical world where everything has a molecular structure of basic elements.

The closer we come to understanding the Universe, the better we understand its oneness. The energy that permeates the Universe is called “Substance.” It is the foundation of all existing things. It contains the seeds, ideas, wisdom and intelligence that inspire and stimulate us to think, desire, dream, have faith and make things happen.

All things are created from and are comprised of this Substance. This energy works in and through the minds of human beings. When we ask for ideas, we receive the wisdom, understanding and inspiration we want. As we imagine and picture our goals and desires, we mold the Substance of the Universe to that thing we have chosen.

Our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions mold the invisible Substance into its visible form. The invisible Substance or energy molds itself to our choices and beliefs, and then presents itself into our visible world.

One of the first things you learn in Metaphysics is that we are life-giving, spiritual beings. You give life by thinking, feeling and believing. You give life knowingly and unknowingly. You become the qualities you give life to.

You give life to praise and appreciation. You give life by condemnation and criticism. Even unwelcome conditions would not have come about if life had not been given to them. Whatever you think and feel strongly about, believe in and react to is what receives life.

It can be something you want, just as well as something you don’t want. Fear gives life to and strengthens that which you fear. Hatred gives life to and strengthens the nature of the person or character of the thing hated. Anger gives life to and strengthens the individual to whom you direct your anger.

When you give life through love, praise, appreciation and happy attitudes, you reap a harvest of blessings. When you give life through anger, worry and criticism, you reap a harvest of misery.

Even more importantly, by giving life to the negative qualities in another person or situation through criticism, anger or condemnation, those qualities are strengthened in them. You also strengthen those qualities within yourself.

When you know how energy lives, you have no excuse for not having everything you want. You have no excuse for not being happy.

Whatever you give life to is manifested in our world. If there is something you would rather not have, you can stop giving it energy by taking your mind off of it. You give life to anything you choose.

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