What Are You Resisting?

what-are-you-resistingLast time we talked about acceptance and resistance and how it’s much better for you to just accept whatever has happened and then decide to change what will happen.

It’s important for you to take a few moments to try to figure out what you are resisting. Then you can see the effects of that resistance on your life – your inner feelings. Here’s an example. At work, we’re having issues with our higher headquarters not really including us in what’s going on or in plans for various things. This is mostly due to geography. You know, out of sight, out of mind type thing. Some of what’s being changed involves a project I’ve been involved in since 2009. I am one of three people who really know the background of this thing and have intimate knowledge. Therefore, being left out really bothers me. But you know what? For me to just be upset and angry about being left out only brings more situations to be angry about and get me more riled up inside. It will do NOTHING to create a positive resolution to the problem. In fact, given the way the Law of Attraction works, it will simply bring more situations that we are left out of.  No good will come of my continuing to obsess or be disturbed by this.

Even 8 months ago or maybe even 6 months ago I would still have “fought” this. Of course, there is nothing to “fight” because I have no control over what headquarters does nor do I have much influence over them. But I’m not sure I would have realized that. Now, I just think about it and realize that whatever is going to happen, will. I know that I am available to assist but I also know that my life and self-worth does NOT depend on being included in their plans. I feel so much more relaxed and work is just as enjoyable as always because I can leave problems at HQ where they are – at HQ – far away from us. Why let it bother me and ruin my day?

You’ve heard this expressed differently when people tell you that your being upset is only bothering you, not the other person. Why make your day miserable when they aren’t even thinking about what they said or did to you any more? That is so true.

So how do you find out what you’re resisting? You can feel it inside. Those things you feel anxiety and tension about are those that you are resisting. Pretty simple huh? Go through the events/situations occurring in your life (either currently or even in the past because they may still be active in your mind) and see what makes you feel any sense of anxiety or stress.  Write them down because this is what you are resisting!

Make a list and later you’ll be able to see what is causing that churning inside of you.  Once you look this list over, you might decide it’s time to relax a bit and change how you feel about things. It will make a great difference in your life.

Try it, you’ll like it.


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