What Are Your Dreams?

 Can you turn your dreams into goals? Are they the same?

I think that your dreams are the beginnings of your goals. The reason they really aren’t goals yet is because they aren’t specific enough and maybe not attainable right now. If you are a couch potato but your dream is to be in the Olympics, that’s not very attainable RIGHT NOW, is it?

But if you take your dreams, make them very specific and then “chunk” them down (meaning break them into chunks) and develop a plan to get there, these individual goals become attainable. Your dreams really are alot of goals put together and visualized as having been accomplished.

Do you know a way to take your dreams and bring them into reality? Or do they just remain dreams – far away and only available when you’re not actually living in the “moment”?

You need a plan. I have a method for you to create your own plan, have a coach and make your dreams come true.

But if you just started with the tip I gave you here, you’ll be so much farther along than you were a few minutes ago.

So go ahead, write down your dreams – don’t be afraid to commit them to writing. You do NOT have to share them with anyone and in fact, I discourage sharing them at this point – many people are well meaning but say things that may cause you to question your dream. You don’t want that right now.

After you’ve written down your dream then go ahead and write down what it would take to get there. Write it in as many steps as necessary. The smaller the steps the better.

Do it now! Get a head start on the New Year (I never understand why we wait til the New Year to make resolutions – we waste so many opportunities the rest of the year).


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