What Does “Courtesy” Mean To You?

I was in a Wells Fargo bank the other day and was very taken by the very large sign on the wall. It said “There is one very powerful business rule.  It is concentrated in the word courtesy.”  I thought that was just phenomenal in it’s simplicity while being so powerful in its message.

It was even more significant because every time I’ve been in this bank, I have been treated as if I were the President of the United States. I could understand that happening once but every time? It’s strange that I’d been in there so many times and yet not paid attention to the sign until that day.

I was so impressed that I asked to speak to the manager when my transactions were completed. She came out and I told her that her staff definitely embodied the Wells Fargo Business Rule. I also asked for the address of someone above her so that I could write to them.

To be even more emphatic, I received a thank you note from the manager for stopping to say something to her. I thought that was very special.

Here is one schoolbook definition of “courtesy” – “Willingness or generosity in providing something needed”. It also means “Polite behavior” or “A polite gesture or remark.”

These people treated me special. They met my needs, were friendly and caring. I don’t really care what the schoolbook definition is, that’s what I call exceptional courtesy.

What is courtesy to you? Have you seen alot of it in your business encounters. Do you have any pet peeves?

I have a pet peeve – when I was brought up, I was taught to say “you’re welcome” when someone said ‘thank you’ – nowadays it drives me nuts when people simply say “No problem” – I am trying to find a good comeback for that but I guess that wouldn’t be very courteous, though, would it…LOL.

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One thought on “What Does “Courtesy” Mean To You?

  1. “Yes please” , “No thank you ” that is the magic word I instil in my kids.I used to tell them nothing will granted if I dont hear that magic word. Thank you Terrie for the great article.