What I learned in Just 7 Days – Part 5 – “Loving What You Do”

Change - Blue Button I’m pretty sure I mentioned this earlier but it bears repeating. Take every day and every part of every day and Love What You’re Doing. This is in conjunction with “Do What You Love” – why should we be wasting the days of our life by doing things which we do not like to do. Can you try for a week to actually make a decision to Love What You Do? How hard would that be. Let’s say you’re out exercising and you’re not really “into” walking or running. Can you just decide to Love IT for now? What would that take out of you?

I look at all these amazing ultra runners around me and see that they must be in some sort of pain from all the miles they have covered. But you know what? It doesn’t show at all. They are being supportive, friendly and appear very happy every time I saw them. So, despite the fact that they are in pain, they obviously love what they are doing.  And when you do love what you’re doing, then it simply radiates from your being.

Why don’t you take it one hour at a time starting today – say to yourself that “no matter what I’m doing, I am going to love it.”

At the end of the day ask yourself how you felt throughout the day. Did it make a difference? Were you happier? Did it make things easier? Did the people around you seem different (which might actually simply be a reflection of how you feel)?

Let me know how it went. Then try it again tomorrow, ok?


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